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John Hodgman original name is John Kellogg Hodgman who was born on June 3, 1971. He is occupationally an author and actor as belonging originally from Brookline, Ma s sachusetts of USA. He is also humorist by his profession who has bestselling works like The Areas of My Expertise is counted as best work undertaken by him. More than this More Information than You Require is also counted as amazing work written by him. From back 2005, his sincerity within the industry is taking the good response from his fans from all across.

He also worked on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with the good feedback he worked over there by Jon Stewart. John father name is John Francis Hodgman who worked within Ma s sachusetts Technology Development Corporation where he was a s signed over there. His mother is working as a nurse and educator named as Eileen.

Hodgman completed his education from Yale University and he graduated in the year 1994. He took literature as his major subject and before earning fame he used to work as a literary agent and got a s sociated with Writers House. He also collaborated with Bruce Campbell who is also an actor as his profession. In later time, he presented within The Areas of My Expertise where he worked with a motive to promote his book within the Daily Show. Many of those people described his book was very funny and encouraged him to write up more.

Reflecting on the personal life of John it can be seen that he is single in his status and busy with his professional work. In past as well he has not flashed about his married story neither explained any lady as his wife. However, the rumor is that he is having an affair with deep in love with his girlfriend. He has also been a part of many tours in his life. He loves traveling a lot and enjoys adventurous activities in his free time. He used to like a girl in his school time but he never planned to marry the lady and till now he is maintaining a good friendship with the lady.

John loves cooking and serving for his family. He is positive in nature and optimistic kind of person. He loves helping people and also active in social networking sites with proper fame. He is actively visible on his twitter with amazing tweets which made him get followed by many people. John is not gay neither he has been often questioned in it.

The height of John is stated to be 5 feet 8 inches with balanced weight. Along with that, his salary and net worth are calculated to be the amazing sum of amount. Within the current phase, his net worth is elaborated to be around 1.5 million American dollars which are the data established during the year 2013. 

by Bchrome, 07 May, 2016

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