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John Cho was born with his birth name as John Yohan Cho who was born in June 16, 1972 and he is 43 years old. John birth place is located in Seoul, South Korea. Currently, John is living in Los Angeles, California and he is belonging from the year 1997 till the current phase being as an actor as well as successful musician by his profession. He is working in American film industry and his working in Harold & Kumar is dictated as a best performance made by him till today. Though he was born in South Korea his family moved within United States in the year 1978 and from Los Angeles they later settled into Houston. John family was running a family business during the very time over there.

John completed his graduation degree education from Herbert Hoover High School and his graduation level of education was completed in the year 1990. Along with this he again joined to University of California, Berkeley in the very time where he had his degree in Major English with Bachelor in Arts in the year 1996. He was also an English teacher within pacific Hills School in the very phase within West Hollywood, California and he also started presenting himself within theater programs during the very phase of his time. He also worked in Asian American theater during the early phase of his career which was followed by East West Players

John is a very stable man with his stable relationship with whom he got married. John with his long term girlfriend Kerri Higuchi he got married in the year 2006 and now he is the father of 2 children. Kerri and John had affair from the very long duration and their affair was a good guess for their fans which they were denying time and again. But now they claim that they are the happiest spouse in this world and taking full responsibilities of their children across. John is also a full supporter of the Democratic U.S president Barak Obama and he seems very close to his father who is also a pasture. John bio seems much managed in relation to his personal career and personal interest. He never claimed any girls as his girlfriend whom he had an affair except his girlfriend therefore, he claims he has the sweetest spouse ever with whom he got married with. John is also an open hearted person who is described by his close and known friends of him.

John height is 5 feet 10 inches in tall. His weight seems maintained looking on his bio as well as his pictures seems he has a stable career. Along with this the salary and net worth of John is also stable which is estimated to be around 16 million American dollars in the current time.

by Bchrome, 18 Mar, 2016

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