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Joe Torhman was born with his birth name as Joseph Mark “Joe” Torhman. He was born in September 1, 1984 and by his profession he is a guitarist. Joe was born in Hollywood, Florida and he is 31 years old by his age. Additionally he is also a musician, composer as well as songwriter by his occupation and active from the year 1998 towards the music industry. Joe belongs from a cardiologist and he spent his early childhood within South Russell. Later his family moved towards Chicago area. He belongs from the Jewish Background and his family had their own family business.

Joe early schooling was spent within New Trier High School that was located within Winnetka, Illinois. During the very time he was linked as his career with the band named Arma Angelus and he played ba s s over there. Later he formed a band along with the collaboration with his friends and within the early age of 16 his summer tour started from the very group ba s sist. His friends supported him for establishing himself within the musical industry and with the great success of his album he additionally started composing music and writing the songs. He is much fond of collecting guitar and has a huge collection of it.

Joe is very sincere and polite man. Often by his friends he is also pronounced as a melted man since, he always helps the people in need. Joe loves hanging out with his friends most of the time as because since, his parents got separated from the early time they got into the married life. His trademark is his long and curly hair as well as he is dictated by his nickname as Joe. Joe got married with his affair named Marie Globe after the longtime of their affair and they got married in the year 2011. Joe is the father of the children now and he seems very happy with his married life. The name of his daughter is Ruby Torhman. Ruby was born in the year 2014 and Joe dictated Ruby is the package of happiness within their family. Joe is very faithful with his spouse and he was never seen with any of the girls in the public spot as his affair previously. This also dictated that he is very sincere in his matter of relationship. Joe also stated that this couple is planning to settle in their new house very soon along with his mother.

Joe height is 5 feet 10 inches in tall and his body seems very well maintained on looking to his pictures. Joe also mentions himself being vegetarian and he does not drinks and smokes. Joe bio of salary and net worth mentions him of earning amount of around 12 million American dollars in the current time that is earned with his salary of 7.3 dollars.

by Bchrome, 03 Feb, 2016

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