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Joe Manganiello's birth name is Joseph Michael and she was born on December 28, 1976. Besides working as an actor, he also is a director, producer, and author by his professional identity. Joe got active in the industry from 2002 and mostly his role in How I Met You Mother is the best-recognized work. Joe also worked in One tree Hill is also keeping best record in his bio. He has also attempted his work in the best film likes Magic Mike and Sabotage was also the adorable presentation made by him. Joe mother name is Susan Brachanow and his father is Charles John Manganiello. Most of his childhood were spent in Avellino and he belongs from Italian descent. The name of Joe's younger brother is Nicholas.

Joe joined his early time schooling within Roman Catholic elementary school whose name is Mt. Lebanon High School. Later after there he was also the student if St. Bernard School and later his graduation level of education got completed in the year 1995. Joe also dictated as a winner in the year 2011 of Great Alumni Award. For his acting and television career, he studied at Carnegie Mellon University. Joe also started working in Pittsburgh theater scene and his work started getting appreciation from people. He also mentioned to get recognized as a jazz musician and starred as Leo Belraggio which made him recognized as a talented face among the industry.

Though there are many stories of the affair of Joe he is recently married man which was just a year ago. With the best dating time with his girlfriend Sofia Vergara he got married to her. Joe and Sofia got officially engaged in 2014 which was on Christmas Day and they got married in Plam Beach located in Florida during November 21 and by today there are no any stories from them to get a divorce. The rumors are they have no children till date but they are expecting for it very soon. Joe claimed he had a very understanding spouse in his life that supports him in each and every step of his career as well as except his spouse Sofia there is no any other name of the girl mentioned in his bio as his girlfriend.

Joe has a towering height which can also be said his trademark and that is exactly 6 feet 5 inches. The weight of Joe looks properly maintained like his height. In the present years, his net worth is calculated to be 16 million American dollars. 

by Bchrome, 04 Apr, 2016

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