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Jim Ross was born with his birth name as James William “Jim” Ross who is currently 64 years old. Belonging from Fort Bragg, California currently, he is living in Norman, Oklahoma of USA. Looking for his profession he is American wrestler commentator as well as the owner of his own restaurant and referee. Previously, he was also working as company executive of WWE. Jim is a s sociated within Fox Sports and even writes within Foxsports.com. The popularity of this celebrity also rose from WWE Hall of Fame which was during the year 2007 and occasionally he is also mixed martial art player. His father was a sports person therefore he was trained by his father from early time. His grandparents were running their general store located in his place of birth. His grandparents from his father side on the other hand owed their off-sale beer store. They are also carpenter as belonging.

Ross was interested in sports from the early age of time. During his schooling level of education within Westville High School he was a part of baseball team and he was appointed within first base position during the very time. He even also used to work in college radio as a commentator where he collected best experience. Later, he was offered to work as an announcer and working in NWA Tri- State he worked as an referee till the year 1977.

Being a married man Ross is called out along with his woman of his life whose name is Ric Flair. From his previous marriage he is already father of 2 daughters. And even he is now grandfather of 2 granddaughters. Currently he is living with his close friends Jerry and Steve. He was frustrated for a long time after he heard his father was dead. As his very first entrance into wrestling was all credited to his father therefore; he still recognizes him as his inspirational factor. His presentation podcast and excellence in presentation is appreciated by his fans till today because of which he is getting positive feedback in blogs as well. His quotes and lines delivered during his commentary is absolutely amazing. Jim is not questioned in his sexuality neither he is doubted in it. He is devoted towards his family also undertaking their responsibility in proper way. He is also inspiration to all new commentators who is working across the struggling phase and he is optimistic person in real nature.

The bear and good Ole J.R is also the name by which Jim is recognized. His height is 5 feet 10 inches with much balanced weight. In addition to this his salary and net worth is also notable in amount which is around 4 million American dollars. It is a s sumed his net worth as increasing sum of amount relatively from the past time where it was 3 million. 

by Bchrome, 24 Apr, 2016

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