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A very talented American journalist, James Bitterman, known as Jim Bitterman is a senior European correspondent for CNN, serving the CNN network since 1996. He was born to American parents and has the white ethnicity. He was born on Joilet, Illinois, USA and spent his early life there. There is no information available on his early life or parents. His early life has been completely out of media radar and he does not want to make it public as well.

Recipient of French Legion of Honor is a huge achievement in the career. It takes a hard work and dedication to be awarded with such recognition. Therefore, it shows his pa s sion and dedication to his job. He has an appalling career and is one of the inspirational ones to the new comers as well. Serving a station for more than two decades is it tells the story of a legend. He started his career after being graduated from University of Southern Illinois where he graduated with a Bachelor in Science in 1970. He started in print journalism for five years from 1965-1970 as a reporter for Waukegan News-Sun based in Waukegan, Illinois. Then after started his career in television at WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee from 1970-1972. Then he worked for WKYC-TV based in Cleveland for three years and worked for CBS News as a Toronto-based correspondent and producer for the broadcaster’s newsmagazine from 1975 till 1978. Then he worked for NBC News and from 1990 till 1996 before moving to CNN, he worked for ABC News. 

While covering the news and reporting the hot stories of those times, he had travelled different places of different countries. Maybe during those times, he happened to meet with his wife. She was also from the same profession of journalism. She was a television producer and doc u mentary filmmaker. She was one of the most loved and adored journalists from the world. She is an American national and her name is Patricia Thomson. She was also the professor at American University in Paris. The couple loved each other very much and they used to understand each other and were very supportive to each other and also shared a good bond as they both have a same profession. The couple has one child together. However, Patricia died in December 22, 2010. The news broke the hearts of millions of her fans and the whole American journalism was grieved by the loss.

There are no rumors or controversies heard on him so far.

Jim is a successful journalist and a legend. He has received several of the awards for his news coverage and reporting. He earns a good salary and has a very good net worth. He has an amazing ability to attract the attention of his viewers and a witty talent in choosing the words to make the news very interesting. Even he reached his elderly age; he has the polished charisma and ability in the profession due to his experiences. 

Jim is not active an active user of social medias but he can be found in Twitter.

by ab-utshav, 25 May, 2016

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