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Jeffrey was born as Jeffrey Michael Tambor on July 8, 1944, in San Francisco, California, U.S. to Eileen who was a housewife, and to Michael Bernard "Mike" Tambor who was a flooring contractor. Tambor grew up in a Conservative Jewish family. His roots come from Hungary and Kyiv as well as Ukraine. He was always supported to become an actor by his family. Tambor is of American nationality and white ethnicity.

Tambor went on to attend and graduated from San Francisco State University While in San Francisco, he where he studied acting and then went on to receive a master's degree from Wayne State University. Tambor made his film debut in 1973’s The Summertime Killer as Sully Tambor. Since then, he has been seen in movies like Saturday the 14th, The Man Who Wasn't There, Pastime, Crossing the Bridge, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, Pollock as Clement Greenberg, Hellboy as Tom Manning, The SpongeBob Square Pants Movie as King Neptune, Super Sleuth Christmas Movie as Santa, The Accountant and many more. He is credited for his work in TV series like The Ropers, The Love Boat, Hill Street Blues, Robert Kennedy & His Times as Pierre Salinger, Mr. Sunshine, Max Headroom, American Dreamer, The Larry Sanders Show as Hank Kingsley, The Lionhearts and much more. 

Jeffrey does not have a long dating history. He is very much focused on his work at. Tambor is reluctant on speaking about his personal life in front of the public. He is not seen with many women in public. Tambor has never spoken so much about his past relations and affair. However, he has married many times. Jeffrey was married to wife Dora Zbierlund in 1982. The come spent some amazing years together. However, in 1991, they underwent a divorce. Later on, Jeffrey went on to get married to Katie Mitchell in 1991 after their affair. The marriage also did not last long. In 2000, they finally got divorced. However, in 2001, Jeffrey went on to marry Kasia Ostlun. The couple is living happily together at present. Jeffrey has five lovely children named Molly Tambor, Eli Nicholas Tambor, Hugo Bernard Tambor, Eve Julia Tambor and Gabriel Kasper Tambor. He also has grandchildren. 

Jeffrey is currently 71 years old and stands tall at the height of 6 feet 1 inches. His weight is unknown. He has a well-defined face and a masculine body which grabs the attention of many of the viewers. Jeffrey has the charm and skills to make his audience melt at his performance. He has an estimated net worth of $ 15 million showing his huge salary which comes out of his acting career. Tambor has garnered a lot of fame till date. The bio of the multi-talented, Jeffrey can be found on various social media sites including IMDB, Wikipedia, and Twitter.

by Bchrome, 06 Apr, 2016

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