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Jeffrey pierce was born with his birth name as Jeffery Plitt who was born in December 13, 1971. This popular celebrity is running 44 years old in his age and his birth place is located within Denver, Colorado of United States. Belonging as the professional identity of Jeffery he is working as a film director as well as producer also by portraying himself as an actor starting from the year 1997 till the present phase of time. Genuinely, his fame has increased as soon as he appeared in Charlie Jade where he got chance to present himself within the title character. Jeffery father was a lecturer and his mother was working in a nursing home. He is the eldest out of 3 children of his family.

Jeffery was interested in acting from the early age by looking the stage performance and television by getting high inspiration from the renounced actor. Jeffery also worked in a departmental store during the early time and later he worked being as a professional cast for the very first time along with American Shakespeare Company. He spent 2 years of his time over there working. His official working in the film started in the year 1997 when he worked in The Others with the role of Mark Miller. In addition to this with the following year he was also offered with Houdini movie as the character of Montreal Student which also stand out as the best performance of him. 

Jeffery is very committed and stable in his relationship status as being married in August 2000. The name of Jeffery spouse is Kristin Pierce whom he previously dictated as his affair. He is living with his spouse and children happily in Los Angeles and the name of his daughters are Betty Jane Vaida, Bubs and Lucy. Jeffery has never been into any rumors and controversy yet. Even he has a strong bio in relation with his career and additionally he has never spotted with any other affair yet. Jeffery is not gay and he are very confident in this matter. Jeffery holidays pictures along with his wife can be seen in the social personal pages of him. Jeffery is also planning to establish his own theatre company and Kristin is supportive for this. Though they have fights in small issues still there are not any claims among this couple to get a divorce. This also views a strong bonding among the couple.

Jeffery height is 6 feet tall and his weight is 187 Lbs.  The salary and net worth in the year 2016 of January is estimated to be around 3 million American dollars of Jeffery.

Jeffery is even popular in social pages where mostly he is visible in Twitter and Instagram. He has many followers in his page and has appreciable posts mentioned. 

by Bchrome, 21 Mar, 2016

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