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Jed Bradley was born in the year 1990 on 12th of June and this makes his age 24 at this time. At this age he has already been a famous baseball pitcher and more is yet to come in his wonderful career. He was born in a place called Huntsville which lies in Alabama of United States of America. He belongs to the nationality American and ethnicity white. At this early age there is enough buzz about him and if he keeps on working hard he will be one of the best baseball pitchers ever. For doing so he must keep himself focused and not at all get involved in other things. He has participated in big leagues and played alongside big players and they have helped him becoming one of the much wanted players from other big teams. He will get more chances to play for the biggest teams in the future and he must shine for them as well.

He went to the Huntsville High School for his education and got his graduation from there. He had the dream of becoming a successful professional baseball player and the dream seems like coming true these days. He bats lefty and throws also with his left hand. He is a very handy player and can take out the team from difficult moments. Till now he has played for some good teams but his real test is yet to come when he will sign for the best ones. The teams he has played till now are Milwaukee Brewers, Brevard County Manatees and Huntsville Stars. His statistics are very impressive and this will catch the eye of coaches of other team. With a team called Brevard County his statistics were marvelous as he has 53 strikeouts and 2.98 ERA.

He has kept his personal life very low profile. He has not revealed his sexual preference, so nothing can be said surely. He does not seem like gay though. If he is straight also, he must have a girlfriend but he has decided not to reveal anything about her. He is not married and does not have a wife at this time but in near future he might have plans to get married and get settled. He is a very good looking guy and there is no doubt any girl would love to fall for him but as he has kept his personal life entirely in dark, girls also do not know whether he is single or not.

He is a very popular player and information on him and his biography can be grabbed from wiki sites such as Wikipedia and IMDb. He has been earning good money also because of his superb performances. He is a tall man as he has a very good height of 6 feet 4 inches.       

by sanjeet, 19 Jun, 2015

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