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Jay Chandrasekhar is better known with his birth name as Jaynth Jambulingam “Jay” Chandrasekhar who is 47 years old holding birth date on April 9, 1968. The birth place of Jay is located in Hinsdale, Illinois and he belongs from Indian ethnicity with American nationality background. Jay is remembered with his character in Broken Lizard which is the group of sketch comedy and he earned his fame from that was started from the year 1996 within the present phase of time. Those films of Broken Lizards are Super troops and Beerfest is listed under his successful working. Along with this Arrested development is also notably show that has undertaken by him. Jay started his career from the year 1996 and more than actor he is also comedian as well as writer and director. Jay father and mother is professionally a physician their names are Arcot Jamulingam “AJ” Chandrasekhar and Hema. Jay religious background is Hindu and with the place of origin he belongs to Chennai. Jay birth took place in Cook County Hospital in the very time where his father and mother were working.

Jay moved along with his family in Hinsdale and he joined his schooling over their studying Lake Forest Academy. Jay completed his graduation study from Colgate University and he was a very good student in his study. He had his major subject as European history and philosophy as his minor subject. One of the semesters during his study was also spent by him within Chicago’s Loyola University. After the completion of his education his journey of career started where he was remained as member in Broken Lizard along with other members. His short featuring in the films also includes Puddle Crusier that was in the year 1996 which also stood in his position on Sundance Film Festival in the year 1997.

Jay got married with his longtime girlfriend Susan Clarke and they got married in the year 2005. Susan is also an actress by her professiona and they are the parents of 3 children consisting twins. There is no any symbolic indication of Jay getting with any other stories of dating. Jay is totally family oriented and he is deep in love with his spouse. Further viewing his bio, it can also be seen that Jay was in love with one of the affair in his school times but he did not gave it a further continuity. Jay is a straight guy and his bio dictates of him to earn handsome amount of salary. Jay is also planning to engage himself in the social work to donate some of his amount of net worth in the near future. 

by Bchrome, 23 Mar, 2016

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