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Javier Botet is an actor, film director and illustrator of Spanish nationality who has been notably known for his acting credits in movies like Revenant, His Majesty Mirror etc. He is known for his particularly different frame and body and the elongated features that he possesses. He was born on the 31st of July, 1977 in Ciudad Real and has managed to garner the attention of a huge number f fans through his acting skills and different looks.

Botet was born in Ciudad and was interested in acting since a very small age. Thus, he started acting from his role as a Humanoid in Beneath Still Waters on 2005. He followed it with his performance as Abrak in His Majesty Minor. This was followed by a performance as Nina Medeiros on REC 2 and by the role on the 2009 film Xtamboli. He has also appeared as a prisoner on The Last Circus and as a funny man on Diamond flash. Another endeavor of this personality includes appearing as a Destitute on As Luck Would Have It. He has also appeared in several other movies like Mama, Witching and Bitching, REC 4 as well as Magical Girl and has been successful in all of his endeavors.

The frame and the body of Javier are unique and different because he suffers from a special condition called as Marfan syndrome. Despite this condition, he has managed to make a successful career for himself in the acting fraternity. He, however, seems to be very secretive about his personal life and reveals very little details about the matter. It has been known that he has never been married or seems to be hiding the details about having a wife. He has never been a s sociated to be on an affair with anyone from the acting fraternity and seems to be single as of now. He might have a girlfriend  from outside the acting fraternity but despite his popularity, he has revealed very little about the matter. Fans of this uniquely talented personality can sure hope that more information becomes available about him in the years to come.

He is an actor whose body is amazingly made to be cast in specific roles. He has a height of 6 feet and 7 inches but a mere weight of 54 kilograms which makes him look extremely different than other actors. He has managed to earn a net worth of 500 thousand dollars for his endeavors in the acting business and he reportedly earns a huge salary too. His has honed his acting skills and personality has made his biography searched widely by his fans on several sites like the wiki. this person who is also active on social networking sites will surely continue to have an impact on acting in the years to come.

by Bchrome, 01 May, 2016

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