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Jason Leopold is an American investigative reporter for Vice News, recognized as an investigative reporter for Al Jazeera America. He is also known for writing stories on BP, Enron, the California Energy Crisis, the Bush administration's torture policies, and the Plame affair. 

Early life and education

Jason Leopold was born on 8th October in the United States of America. He studied creative writing at New York University.


Jason Leopold's career began in the year 1992 when he started writing obituaries for The Reporter Dispatch newspaper in White Plains, New York. Later, Leopold became the crime and courts reporter for the White Daily News in 1997 and later moved to the City News Service where he represented court trials. 

He was once referred as the most aggressive reporter on the California Energy Crisis by Jill Stewart. He wrote an article for CBS Marketwatch about Enrons role in the California Energy6 Crisis which was cited during a floor speech by Sen. 

Jason Leopold's report on Enron was featured in National Public Radio special broadcast called Blind Trust. Leopold was one of the few reporters who interviewed Enron President  Jeff Skilling regarding Enron's bankruptcy in December 2001. 

In September 2002, going after a two-week investigation, Salon published an article on the website which was written by Leopold about Army Secretary Thomas E. Whites role in Enron collapse. 

Salon removed the story from its website and said that Leopold had plagiarized text from the FT, whereas the article remained in Nexis archives. Later Leopold claimed he had misquoted the email slightly which should have read "Close a bigger deal. 

Besides his journalism career, he has published pretty popular books such as News Junkie, his book was titled as Off the Record. Leopold also revealed many secrets about his life such as prior drug addiction, bouts with mental illness and suicide attempts. 

Personal life 

Jason Leopold is married, it has been a long while since he is married to Lisa Brown Leopold. The couple got married on 11th April and they have a child together named Hill Leopold.

Lisa gave birth to Hill on the year 10 June 2008, which makes him 8 years of age in present.

Besides his married life, Leopold was a drug addict and recently his wife revealed about his drug use. He had to spend about 4 weeks in rehab as he began to attend 12-step meetings.

He also loves rock and roll music as he is a very big fan of Guns & Roses, Metallica, Aerosmith etc.

Net worth

Jason Leopold earns a huge amount of money from his journalism career and from the books he writes. He lives in a standard mansion including two bedrooms and his home office in Beverly Hills. He also owns a BMW car.

by sanjeet, 18 May, 2017

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