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Jason Capital is a former dating coach and an entrepreneur who is known as "America's honest dating coach". He has released many online books and products helping thousands of men improving their confidence with women. With his personal experiences and knowledge Jason has established himself as one of the leading young entrepreneurs in the United States.      

Early Life Of Jason Capital    

Jason Capital was born in 1988 in Michigan, The United States in the Delaware zone.  He grew up with a pa s sion for basketball and practiced hard to test his potential and persistence for basketball. Between the year 2007-2008, Capital was chosen in the school basketball team.  

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As growing up,  he started attending school parties, and like every other teenager, he wanted to be famous among girls. The ladies, however, did not pay him the attention that much at the beginning and Jason was crushed, broke and ashamed that even at 20 years old he had no girlfriend and no dating background.   

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Capital at that point asked for help with his issues with women and hired himself an expert to prepare him. He gradually started getting confidence and his charm, personality, and sense of humor were enough to make any girl fall for him.      

Jason Capital's Career

With the motive of helping other young men to deal with girls, Jason Capital started an online dating coach in 2010 after dropping out of school. After just a couple of months, he began earning $20,000 every month which inspired him to be a dating coach as a full-time job.  

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With his emerging fame, many nerds and heartbroken men began hiring him for tips. At first, he just charged them a burrito, however, later individuals began paying him a decent amount of money for his suggestion.  

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Capital also began to held many conferences and started reviewing many online products.  The owner of the dating site, jasoncapitaldating.com, Jason also wrote few audio books to help men in a larger way. He calls his groups Team Capital and has changed the lifestyle of over 177,000 men.  

Jason Capital's Net Worth

Online dating coach Jason Capital is best-known for his charm among ladies and with that charm he has also make a decent earning for himself. The majority of his income comes from his online projects and furthermore the live conferences. As of 2018, his net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. 

Furthermore, he owns a YouTube channel titled JasonCapitalDating has around 35 thousand followers and more than 5.6 million views as of December 2018. His channel is one of his sources of income.  

Jason has a lavish house in Los Angeles, California.  

Jason Capital's Personal Life

Jason does not share much about his life. He was raised in Detroit Michigan before making a life for himself in L.A., and as of 2018, he lives in the Beverly Hills.

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He is a dating expert so there is no doubt that he is in a relationship, but as the entrepreneur lives a low-key life, he has not shared about his girlfriend to the media.   

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