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Jason Beghe was born in March 12, 1960 who is 56 years old in his age. This American actor birth place is located in New York City and he is currently living in Nichols Canyon of Los Angeles. Jason has started his career from the year 1985 officially and within the current phase he has been able to grab a strong position within the industry across. Jason belongs from American nationality and he holds white ethnicity background. Jason close friends are David Duchovny and John F. Kennedy whom he met in his school time while he studied in Collegiate Schools of New York. Jason has 3 siblings and he was 2nd out of the children of his parents. His father was a sociologist and his mother was working in a private company. He was very naught kid and he was even punished by his parents and teacher because of his naughtiness.

Jason joined private preparatory school during the early time which was just established for boys. Along with this he also worked together with his friends in metropolitan Museum of Arts and he kept his good image over there. Jason also became a part of summer camp in his teenage times along with Erik Rush Currently Erik is a conservative columnist as well as author within his professional phase. Jason early career was started being as a model and he worked around Europe during his career beginning. This was the time in the year 1985 when he debuted into the film and the name of the movie was Compromising Position. Jason was starred along with Susan Sarandon and this appreciated work of him also made again to join 1st & ten which is situation comedy in HBO.

Jason is staying with his spouse Angie Janu whom he got married in the year 2000. Jason also once met into an accident and this occurred in the year 1999. Jason explains that was the bad day of his life and he is now more concerned in his driving. The trademark of Jason is deep, gravelly voice and he is the father of 2 children who is having a happy family by now. Jason never came into any rumors of affair or any discussion about the end of his married life from his spouse. Jason seems completely happy with his marital status and his bio has explicit mentioning about this fact. Jason has balanced life in career and life side by side. He is good in playing tennis.

Jason height is 5 feet 10 inches in tall. His salary and net worth is dictated to be around 1.5 million American dollars estimated in the year 2016.

Jason is also popular among his friend’s circles into the twitter. Mostly, he is visible in twitter and Instagram with his high ratio of fan following and recent activates posted through pictures in Instagram. 

by Bchrome, 24 Mar, 2016

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