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He is a magnificent actor and he is an absolute legend. His legacy will live long in the hearts of the audiences and his terrific performances will keep on inspiring the youths. He is a very down to earth man and this makes him more respectful. He is none other than the champion James Remar.


James Remar was born in the year 1953 on 31st of December and this makes his age 62 at this time. At this age, there is nothing he has not achieved in his career and life. He was born in a place called Boston which lies in Ma s sachusetts of United States of America. His ethnicity is Ashke - Jewish and his nationality is American. The names of his parents are Elizabeth Mary Remar and S. Roy Remar.

Early Life and childhood

James Remar’s childhood went very well and he learned a lot from his early childhood only. His parents were well settled and his father was a very powerful attorney. His mother was a mental health state official.   


James Remar’s career has made him who he is today. He appeared in a movie called On the Yard in the year 1978 and the character he played was named as Larson. He then appeared in a movie called The Warriors in the year 1979 which was the one year after his On the Yard work and the character he played in this one were Ajax.

In the year 1991,  James Remar played the role of Beauty Smith in White Fang and he did amazing in this one as well. His best work has come in a huge TV series called Dexter and he completed a whopping 96 episodes with the show. Other TV shows and movies to his credit include the likes of Wilfred, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, The Shannara Chronicles and The Legend of Korra.

He has also been a part of huge video games. In the year 2011, James Remar voiced the character Captain Jason Narville of Killzone 3. Other video games to his credit include the likes of Destiny and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Personal Life

 James Remar’s personal life is going pretty well and pretty strong. He was dating his girlfriend Atsuko Remar before the couple decided to take their relationship to a new level and got married. He has a total of two children and they mean a lot to him. The names of his children are Jason Remar and Lisa Remar. He is a great husband and a great father too.


James Remar is a very tall man as he has an amazing height of 5 feet 10 inches. He has been very successful in his career and this has boosted his net worth to 6 million dollars.  

by Bchrome, 22 Dec, 2016

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