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James was born with his birth name as James Robert McGowan who was born in May 30, 1960 and now he is running 55 years old in his age. This Canadian actor was born in Montreal, Quebec of Canada and the active years of James started from the year 1997 in the television industry till the year 2013 with giving his best and progressive performance across and among the industry. James is the youngest child of his parents out of the 3 children and his father name is Johny McGowan who was working as a former light heavy boxer during his very early time. Additionally his father was belonging from Northern England and James spent his early time of childhood within West island located within Montreal and had his schooling over there.

James joined Concordia University during the very early phase of his life and he holds the degree of bachelor in Arts with major in Communication in the very time. He also after his graduation holds his occupation as a copy writer during the very time and he was engaged into an advertising agency in the very phase. One of his friends during the very time was working in Montreal University who encouraged him to work in the television industry from where his interest was raised in working across it. Later, James got appeared within Bitten in the year 2014 and it was a television series with his character as James Williams. In addition to this working in the year 2014 as Darknet is also his best achievement working as Dr. Cooper.

James is very strong and stable in his married life. James was having a strong affair with his girlfriend Alicia Selvi during the early phase which later turned into married life. He now feels proud to have Alicia as his spouse and they officially got married in October 2002 till the present time there is even no single dictation of divorce among the spouse. James is also a father of his children and he is truly in love with his kids. James bio has no any story of extra married affair and his career is totally strong compared to his personal bio mentioned in the popular social sites. James is very forward person and he is very intelligent who has made his family completed as dictated by his spouse. James is a very good singer and romantic to his spouse and claimed by Alicia.

James height is 6 feet 2 inches in tall and his has now turned into a true vegetarian. James career has also made him forward in his salary and net worth which is estimated to be of around thousands of American dollars within the present phase of time and he is also planning to make his net worth donation in social charity very soon.

by Bchrome, 07 Mar, 2016

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