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James Hong is 86 years old in his age and he was born in February 22, 1929. James was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and from the year 1955 till the current time he is active being as an actor as well as director by his profession with well-established position across the Hollywood industry. Currently, he is living in Los Angeles and he is also the former president of Association of Asian/Pacific American Artists. James father name is Frank W. Hong and his father got migrated from Hong Kong towards the Canada in Chicago. During the very time over there he was running his own restaurant and his grandfather was belonging from Taishan.

For his early beginning of the career Hong moved towards Hong Kong and later he moved back to the United States for its continuation. This was the time when he was 10 years old in his age and he pursued his education within University of Southern California and his major subject he took was Civil Engineering. From the very time he was interested within acting and planning to adopt it as his professional career. Later on his bio of engineering ended and he was professionally into the entertainment industry.

James has 2 spouses in his life. His past affair with Pearl Huang whom he got married in the year 1967 as according to him is the dark history of his life and he was totally dissatisfied with his married life during the very time. Later on, he got divorce with the lady in 1973 with their mutual understanding and now he is a married man with his girlfriend after the long duration of affair named as Susan Hong. James and Susan got married in the year 1977 and he is also the father of his children. James is living a well-settled life across the California and there are no any symptoms among this couple to get a divorce. James also mentioned in one of the interview that he has no any regrets about his end of first marriage. He is also called out with his nickname as Jimmy and his trademark is gruff, yet softly spoken voice of him. James hobbies are to play golf during his vacation phases and he is also planning to run his own family production very soon. For this his wife is also helping him with the moral and economic support. He is also straight in his sexuality. 

James height is 5 feet 10 inches in tall and his looks and presentation style is very impressive. James is earning with the good amount of salary and his net worth across the present context is around 8.5 million American dollars but some where it is also mentioned around 215 million American dollars and he is listed under the richest celebrity in the year 2015. 

by Bchrome, 06 Feb, 2016

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