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Jamal Duff was born in March 11, 1972. Jamal birth place is located in Columbus, Ohio and he is running 44 years old in his age. This American actor as well as football player holds American nationality who was engaged with the National Football League during the early time of his life. From the year 1995 till 1996 he was engaged within New York Gaints looking back to his career history. Additionally, from the year 1997 till 1998 he was also a s sociated with Washington Redskins in the very time. His father was also engaged in the local club during the very time therefore he was highly influenced by his father. Along with this his mother was working in sports shop therefore he was influenced by his family background in playing football.

Jamal completed his schooling in San Diego State University during the early time and in the very time he was linked to National Football League. Jamal also appeared with his best workings in S.W.A.T and The Game Plan is also the best activity of him. He was also a Graphic Design Major during his college days and he also worked as letterman in the football with the recognition in the senior post. His acting presentation also includes Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story that was in the year 2004 as well as The Rundown of the year 2003 is also dictated to be the adorable performance undertaken by him.

Jamal affair, dating, spouse and children are the low information provided in the media. This is because of his lack of interest and low level of responding to his fans. Jamal is dictated to be a married man but his bio has no any information with whom he got married with. Additionally, on watching his career there is adequate and proper information clearly provided comparative to his personal information. Jamal is not gay and there has not any rumors in part of his sexuality of his sexuality. Jamal is very determined person and his hobbies are playing golf and travelling to the rural areas to study the lifestyle of the people. Jamal elaborates himself as an independent and strong person with clear decision making ability.

Jamal is also engaged into programs and organization related with heart victims where he is providing economic and financial supports to the people who are in necessity. He has also been into the part of social conference in relation to the problems undertaken for the victim.

Jamal height is 6 feet 8 inches in tall. His body measurement and weight is also maintained due to his balanced diet food and exercise in regard to fitness. The salary and net worth of Jamal has also increased compared to last year. Jamal current net worth is 1 million American dollars that is estimated in the year 2016. 

by Bchrome, 23 Mar, 2016

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