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Jacqueline Ray is an American former actress who is best known for her roles in many notable movies including In Like Flint (1967), Magnum P.I. (1980), The Killings at Outpost Zeta (1980), Beyond the Universe (1981) and Unfabulous (2006).

Born in  Burbank, California

Jacqueline Ray was born as Jacqueline Mary Ray on July 17, 1952, in Burbank, California, the United States of America. As for her age, she is currently 67 years old, as of 2020.

Ray is quite secretive about her family so she has not spoken anything about her parents and siblings.

Ray holds an American nationality and as far as her ethnicity is concerned, she is a White. She spent the majority of her childhood in her hometown Burbank. 

Acting Career

Jacqueline Ray started her career as a model for several years in the 1960s and later gave a shot in acting too. Her notable role is in 1967 movie named In Like Flint which opened doors for her in Hollywood. 

After that, she featured in two movies The Killings at Outpost Zeta in 1980 and Beyond the Universe in 1981. Her role in Beyond the Universe gave her an A-list status in Hollywood. 

CAPTION: Jacqueline Ray SOURCE: Showbizpost

Jacqueline was a cast in the American crime drama tv series Magnum, P.I. In 2006, she appeared on the TV show Unfabulous. The following year, she appeared in the show’s spin-off, Unfabulous: The Best Trip Ever.

Estimated Net Worth of $500 thousand

As per estimation made by various online sources, Jacqueline Ray has an estimated net worth of around $500k. she earned most of the money from her acting career. She has appeared in multiple hit projects such as Magnum, P.I. (1980), In Like Flint (1967) and The Killings at Outpost Zeta (1980).

On the other hand, her ex-husband Tom Selleck has a whopping net worth of $50 million, as per an online source. Selleck, who has starred in more than 50 films and TV shows, earns at least $150 thousand per episode of as a salary in a series.

Married Husband Clarence Barry Witmer After Two Divorces

Jacqueline Ray has been married three times in her life. Her first husband was Shepard. Together they have a son named Kevin S Shepard who was born in 1996.

Unfortunately, their relationship didn't last forever and they called it quits. After their divorce, Ray tied the knot for the second time on 15 May 1971, to Tom Selleck. Selleck is an actor and producer who is famous for his role as a private investigator, Thomas Magnum in crime drama series Magnum, P.I.

Tom adopted Ray's son Kevin and now he is known as Kevin Selleck. Kevin is also an actor who is known for his roles in movies and television series like Scream 2 and Magnum, P.I. He has been married to Annabelle Selleck.

CAPTION: Jacqueline Ray with her ex-husband Tom Selleck SOURCE: Ninja Journalist

Ray and Tom, who tied the knot in 1971, got a divorce in 1982. After the divorce, Tom got married to a new wife Jillie Mack in 1987.

After divorcing Selleck, Ray tied the knot to her third husband, Clarence Barry Witmer on 21 March 1992.   

Sentenced To Jail For 18 Years

In early 2014, Jacqueline Ray was given a sentence of 18 years after she hired a hitman to kill her son-in-law Leon Bauchum. According to court doc u ments, Ray said that her husband Bauchum physically abused her daughter Umeko. 

After she knew about such inappropriate behavior, Ray hired an a s sa s sin, Luis Barker, with a motive to kill him. Sources also reported that she paid around $12k to murder Mr. Bauchum. 

After legal procedural, the court ordered to Jaqueline to serve 18-year jail and the murderer Luis Barker was given 29 years of a prison sentence. 

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