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Jack Conte is a musician, songwriter, disc-jockey, filmmaker and entrepreneur of American nationality who is known best for selling MP3’s online. He has recorded two EP’s and is known better for his YouTube career. He was born on 12th of July, 1984 in San Francisco, California and specializes in various genres. His bio and career history is searched widely by people and his fans around the world.

Jack Conte was interested in music since a very small age and delved into the field since 2002. He supplied his voice for the teenage boy character in the game The Sims 2 which made him popular first. He then gained more attention from people around the world after his video Yeah Yeah Yeah was featured on the main page of the YouTube Channel. This video got viewed for 913000 times until now and was the main reason for his huge rise in popularity. His releases his music mostly in YouTube and has gained widespread acclaim due to this reason.

He also has formed a band named Pomplamosse with his fiancé on 2008 apart from having a fairly successful YouTube career. His band is usually working online and has only performed in a few live shows. Fans support of the band however very large. The channel of this band has about 445000 subscribers in total. His creative delivery of songs has made him liked and respected by music lovers all around the worked. He has also co-founded another band named Patreon and has released albums like Video Songs Volume 1, VideoSongs Volume 2, three and four which have all been hugely popular.

Jack Conte is in a long term relationship. He has been dating his love, Nataly Dawn for over 4 years as of now. They fell in love and decided to start a band together. The band gained critical success and the success has been reflected in their relationship as well. They have been together and got engaged through the time without letting fans known about their engagement. They are certainly set to get married and will do real soon and make each other their spouse. They have had no children yet and Jack has not been rumored to be in an affair with anybody but his fiancée. As far as the news about them and their chemistry that they showcase on screen and on their YouTube videos are to be taken into consideration, it seems that they are doing pretty well together and will be together for some more time to come.

Jack Conte surely has had a huge success through his YouTube career. But the exact amount of net worth and salary he has is not available. His actual height too is unavailable but it can be said that owing to his great personality; he attracts a lot of fans from around the world.

by Bchrome, 11 Feb, 2016

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