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Jonathan Kmble “J.K” Simmons now is popular with his name as J.K. Simmons was born in January 9, 1955 who is now 61 years old in his age. Jonathan was born in Grosse Pointe Michigan of United States and professionally he is a voice artist as well as an actor. His roles within the television as Dr. Emil Skoda was appreciated by his fans within the series Law & order made him known among and across his fans. And from the year 1973 he is very sincere and active within this field of industry. Jonathan is the son of his mother Patricia who is professionally an administrator as well as his father was middle school music teacher whose name is Donald William Simmons.

As because of his parents moved towards Missouls, Montana during the age of 10 he obtained his education from the very place. As his father joined to University of Montana he also got graduated from the same university in the year 1978. He also got appeared within the stage program with his special appearance that made him noticeable among his people. Along with this he started with his minor roles within the television industry and one after another he started giving his progressive performances.

J.K. is very stable within his relationship matter and he is very stable in his married life from the year 1996 till the present context. They were having an affair from the very long time later on he flashed the name of his spouse as Michelle Schumacher. Michelle and J.K. are the parents of 2 children whose names are Joe and Oliva. There is no any dictation about the divorce and separation among the couple as well as he is straight in his sexuality. J.K. is smart enough to balance both of his career and personal life on looking towards his bio as well as he is a responsible father indeed. J.K. is not a gay and there is not a question raised regarding his sexuality. J.K is also a good singer as according to his wife and he is a responsible father of his children. He is also seen in public places shopping for his family and during the vacation time he loves spending time with them together. J.K. is also positive and cheerful in his nature. He is also dictated as the most dedicated man within the industry by his fans.

J.K is with his height 5 feet 10 inches tall in his height and his salary and net worth is estimated more than 2 million American dollars in the current time. 

The bio of J.K is equally strong within the social networking sites. He is much seen within twitter with his many posts and mentioning. He has many fan followers in his Facebook page also. J.K. is also seen within Instagram as well. 

by Bchrome, 06 Feb, 2016

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