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Ivar Brogger is a motion picture and television actor known for his television appearances in shows like 24, NCIS, Star Trek, and Private Practice etc. He has been known to have played several minor as well as major roles on television and films and his success in the field of acting has made details about his personal life, bio and career be searched by his fans around the world. He was born on the 10th of January, 1947. His parents are; mother Helga Bjornson, who was a librarian and father Arne W. Brogger who is an attorney.

Ivar was interested in acting since a very small age and thus intended to pursue a career in acting since a very small age. He was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and pursued a career in acting from his hometown. He started an acting career by firstly appearing in several commercials after which he started acting on several minor roles on television and films. He has appeared in the television shows le NCIS, 24, Star Trek: Voyager, Private Practice etc. In all these, he appears in minor roles. He has also appeared as a recurring character in Invasion and his roles in the television shows have become highly appreciated by his fans around the world.

The roles portrayed by Brogger are not only limited to television shows. The roles extend beyond the television fraternity as well. He has made his appearances on several motion pictures like Ocean’s Thirteen, Little Children and Dreamgirls. All these minor roles have had important impacts in the movie and most of his roles are that of a stern looking, formal character.  Ivar has managed to win the hearts of thousands of people all across the world for his appearances on screen which have been appreciated highly by critics. 

The personal life of Ivar Brogger has been well hidden form the media tabloids. He is aged 69 and is most certainly a married man. He however, does not wish to disclose the details in regard to his personal life and spouse and is hence hiding details about it from his fans as much as possible. He must have had an affair, either inside or outside the entertainment fraternity, but he does not wish to disclose the details about the matter. There is no information as to who his spouse is and how many children that he has. Judging by his age, he must also have some children but no details about the matter are easily available. It can only be hoped that with his success in acting, he will disclose more details in regards to his personal life.

Ivar has a huge net worth and salary due to his acting skills, however, the actual amount is not known. Neither is the actual height of this personality available.

by Bchrome, 02 Mar, 2016

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