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Ivan Watson’s birth information has not been updated, all the information regarding his birthplace and the date of birth are missing. Ivan’s other personal life details like the information about his father, mother and his other relatives have not been found. Though it is not sure about his nationality, it is a s sumed to be an American. And according to his ethnicity, he is white.

Ivan Watson attended Brown University and later he earned a BA in International Relations. Currently, he is working as a senior international correspondent for CNN and his current work location is Hong Kong.

Ivan started working in Hong Kong from 2014 to focus on reporting from the Asia Pacific region. Previously he worked in Istanbul, Turkey for about five years under CNN. Ivan has been fantastic throughout his career and he has roamed throughout the world for reporting and collecting news. In 2010, he was one of the important members of the CNN’s award-winning team of reporters who landed in the capital of Port-au-Prince in Haiti.

Before he rejoined CNN in 2009, he worked for NPR where he worked as a reporter on major stories of Central Asia, West Africa, and the Middle East. Watson prior to NPR he was mainly focused in Moscow as a producer for CNN. And during his work there he covered total updates about Russian war in Chechnya and sinking of the Kursk submarine. Ivan has worked very hard and he has established himself as the one of the renowned TV journalists throughout the world.

During his career, his some of the major reports include on the quirks and cultural treasures of societies, sheepdogs in the highlands of Anatolia, Istanbul's dwindling Greek community and much more.

Ivan Watson has been fantastic throughout his career and he is a very talented journalist who is very fluent in Russian and French. Ivan’s current relational status is not updated yet, he might be single or married or maybe in relation with his partner. And Ivan’s current sexual orientation is a s sumed to be straight.

Ivan has also been voted as one of the sexiest anchors who serves the CNN. Ivan has traveled different part of the world which is also his one of the hobbies. Watson’s other hobbies include listening to music and watching football and baseball games. The name Ivan Watson has also been included in several magazines and newspaper articles for his work and his stories.  Ivan has also presented himself in several TV programs as a guest. Ivan currently lives in Hong Kong.

Ivan Watson’s official twitter address is @IvanCNN by which he is connected to his several fans and his lovers. Ivan’s salary and net worth updated has not been disclosed till yet. 

by ab-utshav, 29 May, 2016

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