Is TV personality Vanna White engaged to financial analyzer Michale Kaye after divorcing George Pietro?

Vanna White, an American actress, author and television personality, is well known for being the host of one of the famous programs The Wheel of Fortune.

The gorgeous lady has always been a hot topic for media due to her program hosting skills and personal relationships. So, today we are going to open up about her private life, here. 

Is Vanna White Married Twice?

Vanna is a single mom who has two children from her first marriage. She is dating John Donaldson since 2012. However, the couple has not announced their wedding plan. She previously ended her engagement with Michele Kaye. 

It is reported that, in 2002, after divorcing ex-husband George, she began to date Michele Kaye, a financial analyzer. Then, she engaged him and the couple spent four years together.

Beautiful Vanna White

However, they ended their engagement in 2006 due to some complications. Vanna's life was very tragic before she met George. She was engaged to actor and dancer John Gibson. However, their relationship of six years ended due to the death of Gibson who died in a plane crash.

Vanna and Pietro: A Divorced Couple

Vanna is a divorced girl and currently unmarried. Previously, she married (1990-2002) with George Pietro, a restaurant owner from New York. In 1986, she met him after the death of her ex-fiance Gibson and married him after four years.

Vanna White and her Ex-husband George Pietro before their divorce

Vanna and George's son Nicholas was born in 1994 and daughter Giovanna was born in 1997. Their married life was going well but they divorced in 2002. Since then, she lives with her children. 

Vanna's Professional Career

In the initial period of her career, she appeared in an episode of reality television game show 'The Price is Right' on June 20, 1980, where she was eliminated in the mid-round.

In 1982, when Susan Stafford, a former hostess of Wheel of Fortune, quitted the show, the organizer selected Vana as a substitute host for their program.

Afterward, Vanna started to host the show alongside Summer Bartholomew and Vicky McCarty. From December 13, 1982, she became the regular host of the show. Since then, she has been hosting this show till now.

Apart from this, Vanna has featured in numbers of movies and television shows like 'L.A. Law', Full House, and so on. Besides that, she has also published her autobiography titled ' Vanna Speaks!', which made her a best-selling author. 


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