Is Rosemary Barton pregnant? Who is the journalist married to? Find out more about here in the news!

News by Clarence Published on 23 Sep,2016 Updated on 23 Jul,2017

Some people believe in hard work more than luck. Rosemary Barton is, somehow, a similar type of person, she is well known for her brilliant journalism career. Barton, a Canadian political journalist, currently works as the correspondent for CBC News and the host of power and politics. 

Rosemary, known for interviewing several high-profile politicians, lives a very mysterious personal life. Come on, let's uncover her mysterious personal stuff here.  

Rosemary Barton’s mysterious Life

Rumors have it that Rosemary is pregnant! So, her followers are wondering if she really is pregnant! Questions like who is her husband and is she really married are bothering her fans. Is she? Who could be her husband?? Is she married or not?

Rosemary Barton, Source: northernstars

However, if you are one of her fans, there is nothing you should worry about. There has not been any facts or proof of her being in any relationships and she getting married. 

Since there are no proofs to support those rumors, we can conclude that she still may be single. Celebrities these days love posting pictures with a baby bump on their social media accounts and there were no such posts on Rose's social media accounts. 

Rosemary Barton’s career

Barton joined the CBC News in 2004 as a political correspondent. In 2011, she appeared in Power and Politics as the program main substitute host. In 2015, she guided viewers through 11 weeks of elections issue interviewing most of the important political leaders.

Journalist Rosemary Barton, Source: storage

Till now she had covered a number of elections in Quebec both with CBC and Global News. Prior becoming the host Power and Politics, she worked as a National reporter covering federal election news. In 2016, she received the Canadian screen Award for the best host of the News.

We can easily conclude that she has a great journalism career and hopefully her personal life too would go on a similar and happy track.