Is Pedro Pinto's wife Monita Rajpal, a news anchor, dating her CNN colleague Max Foster?

Monita Rajpal AKA Monita Sun Rajpal, a former Hongkong based CNN news anchor, who is married to Pedro Pinto is recently been linked with Max Foster. Let's find out if the rumors are true.

Monita Rajpal, an Indian descendant born in Hongkong on 20 of February in 1974, is a Canadian citizen who is married to Portuguese descendant and Canadian citizen Pedro Pinto. Forty-two years old Ryerson University's graduate Rajpal studied BA in TV and Radio Arts. Besides her fluency in English, she speaks Punjabi, French, and Cantonese fluently.

Former CNN's host for News center with Monita Rajpal has hosted two other projects for CNN named Talk Asia with Monita Rajpal and Art of Life. She was also a famous figure who co-hosted World One together with the CNN's famous anchor Zain Verjee. Her royal wedding episode is still counted as one of the most memorable episodes in her 13 years career with CNN. She worked with CNN for thirteen long years and signed off the news giant in the mid of 2014 for her personal reasons.

How is Monita's Personal Life Going On?

We have missed the forty-year-old CNN's anchor Monita Rajpal, who worked 13 years for CNN,  for about one and half years now. There are certain possibilities that she may be planning to take on other news shows but her returning to CNN still remains as strong as always.

5 foot 3 inches tall CNN's former news anchor has managed to stay away from controversies so far. Unlike other celebrity, Monita Rajpal is able to hide her personal life from the eyes of media. Our sources confirm that Monita Rajpal and Pinto have no children together but her long vacation opens the door for one as well.

Controversies and Rumors

Rajpal is considered to be one of the most confident women in the business and if we really want to remember a CNN blooper we can consider the incident of live presentation report on Philippines typhoon hit covered by CNN's hottest. 

There, the Co-host looked at the wrong camera and then Rajpal was confused with the location she was reporting from. You can find many clips on the incident on youtube as well.

Is Monita Dating Someone Recently?

Monita was dragged into controversies recently regarding extra-marital affairs after she was claimed to be seen smooching around with Max Foster, her former co-worker in CNN.  The rumor of Monita Dating Max is very suspicious to be true but we cannot deny that there is a possibility.

Monita and Max Foster have shared the white screen together, time to time. However,  it can hardly be relied upon because no any picture of Monita and her so-called Boyfriend have been leaked yet and none of the sites claim the place and city they were seen together as well. 

Monita has taken a break from her journalism career so we can find no evidence of her salary so far. Her monthly income from three shows at CNN was estimated to be around $45000. Moreover, our sources confirm her Net worth to be around 15 million USD.


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