Is Michelle Phan Dating Someone Or Married? Here Is More Details About Her Relationship, Growing Career, And Personal Life

American Makeup instructor and successful entrepreneur, Michelle Phan was a struggling waitress who overnight became a social site superstar after uploading her makeup tutorial videos on YouTube. Michelle comes from a Vietnamese background with a not-so-well-to-do family.

In order to make ends meet, Phan supported her family by working as a waitress and was enrolled in Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida. Her mother did not allow Phan to use makeup until she reached her senior year of high school.

To muddle through the financial problem that her family was facing and the racial and acceptability problems that she suffered at school, Phan began drawing and sketching. Through her University years, she kept uploading her make-up tutorial videos on Xanga by the name Rice Bunny.

After her videos started getting numerous views, she took a wise decision and uploaded them to YouTube, and to top it off, Buzzfeed also featured many of her videos. Her videos went viral each pa s sing day and she earned more from the social media than by counting tables thus she ended her job as a waitress and took full attention in making tutorial videos. 

She mostly came to attention through her initial Lady Gaga's Poker Face and Bad Romance Makeup tutorial videos.  She then began her journey as an entrepreneur by co-founding ‘My Glam’ a beauty purpose subscription service.

She then went on to earn a million dollars from Google for making a 20 hrs long content. She was asked to incorporate many of the cosmetic brands like L’Oreal and Lancome in her video as an advertisement. Subsequently, Phan became the YouTube advertising partner which brought her to the limelight. She eventually became the second most subscribed to female on the internet with a radical 6 million subscribers and over 300 YouTube videos. Phan has cooperated with L’Oreal Cosmetics and founded EM cosmetics (EM meaning Little sister or sweetie in Vietnamese).

Phan's current total net worth amounts to a staggering $3million. She earns a decent amount of money from her successful career.

Michelle Phan first met her Boyfriend Dominique Capraro in a Parisian Café on Valentine’s Day of 2011 in New York. Dominique is a Swiss model with Italian and Austrian roots. Dominique was a Mr. Switzerland runner-up from the canton of Valais, who was an aspiring model. They later met to shoot an ad in Paris where their love story began.

Later in January of next year, they announced their relationship publicly on a video uploaded on Youtube which has to date reached 2 million views. Capraro has been seen in many of Phan’s videos most of which are titled as ‘My Boyfriend Does My Makeup’.

They share a lot of photos on Instagram and are widely popular on Twitter as well. Recently Michelle Phan and Dominique Capraro moved to Los Angeles where Dom is hopeful for a Film career. 


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