Is basketball star Dennis Rodman married after his divorce to Michelle Moyer in 2012?

News by Saburo Published on 28 Oct,2016 Updated on 01 Nov,2020

Dennis Rodman is an American resigned proficient ball star who was otherwise called NBA awful kid. Dennis Rodman met his long-term sweetheart Michelle Moyer in 1999 in a bar.

Later in 2003, Dennis and his irritated spouse got hitched on his 42nd birthday in a private common function in Newport Beach. Twice wedded couple Dennis and Michelle are guardians of two kids: a child, D.J. (born in 2000), and a little girl, Trinity (born 2001). 

Dennis Rodman Married Life with Michelle Moyer 

Dennis should pay three thousand five hundred dollars month to month for youngster support of his two children and $860,000 and another $50,000 for spousal support to ex Moyer which he has stayed away from for his broke. Moyer split with her husband Dennis in 2012 following nine years of togetherness. They keep up isolated habitations two miles separated in Newport Beach.

Rodman was grieved by household issues with his previous spouse Annie Banks, who were hitched in 1993. A Sacramento local, Annie lives with Rodman's four-year-old daughter, Alexis, in Sacramento. The combine separated following two years of companionship. Dennis had experienced two relational unions. Dennis had parted from his better half of Michelle in 2012. Rodman additionally said that he gets a kick out of the chance to settle in Oklahoma with his fiance, Annie Bakes, and two little girls.

Basketball star Rodman's affair history

In the year of 1994, American artist Madonna and Rodman endeavored to rise above each other with shocking garments and considerably more dishonorable trap amid their two-month launching.Rodman who dated Madonna two or three months asserted that she needed a child from Rodman. 

Execute Bill performing artist Vivica A.Fox had never demonstrated that she had a fling with Rodman in 1997 and even took him as her date around the same time for the Academy Awards. 


Rodman and the previous Carmen Electra, an American allure show had a prominent sentiment which finished in a brief marriage in 1998 in Las Vegas and split Less than a year later in 1999. 
In 2001, Dennis Rodman has reputed to date an American business visionary and webcam display Jenna Jameson.

Dennis Rodman after Divorce with His Wife Michelle Moyer

Dennis is at present single now. He is not seen with anybody nor has any extramarital issue with anybody after his separation with spouse Michelle Moyer in 2012.