Is actress Kira Kosarin having any affairs, lately? Uncover her dating history here...

Kira Kosarin, an American actress and singer, is currently playing as Phoebe in Thundermans in the Nickelodeon series 'The Thundermans'. This beautiful lady always has been a hot topic for media due to her love affairs and relationships. Affairs and relationships are normal for celebs', In their life, relationships, marriage and divorced may occur often time. Alike other celebs, Kira has also boyfriend in the past and now possibly single. Let's uncover her relationship history here! 

Is actress Kira Kosarin having any affairs?

Kira'sCurrent relationship status is not disclosed yet. She posted on twitter after broke up with a chase in "I've been attracted towards males, but I'm open to falling in love with people for souls, not a body parts". 

Kira's statement might create doubt ifshe is attracted towards girls but public does not have information about her sexuality. Yet, what we can believe is she is straight and has lots of fan followings. 


Kira Kosarin's First Boyfriend Jack Griffo 

Jack Griffo born as Jack Davis Griffo is the first boyfriend of her. The couple split up after one year. They dated in 2012. Jack is also an actor and singer. 

Jack is famous for playing the role of Max in the television movies The Thundermans. Even after ending the relationship they are working together on the movie since 2013.

Kira Kosarin's second boyfriend Nick Merico 

After ended the relationship with Jack. Kira had an affair with Argentian Actor and Singer Nick Merico after that . Also, she separated with him at the end of 2013. 

Nick played the role of Daniell in the television movie Every witch way.

Kira Kosarin with Chase Austin

After broke up Nick, she started to date with Chase Austin 21 years Florida-born actor.   Also co-starred from the show Thundermans. She spoke up they were separated in late 2015.

Kira is  a very  open minded perspective and is one of the attractive actresses.Her parents were Broadway performers, she was also joined in theater at a young age. From her childhood days, she attracted towards acting and dancing and she got the opportunity to portray the role of Raina Kumar in the TV series  in 2012. She is not married yet and living with her parents.  

Kira is a very competent actress and a singer. She is also very famous  in social sites like Facebook, twitter and, Instagram. She is just over her sweet sixteen yet very skilled and living a place in the fans heart through her hard labor and endowed talent. She also shows sexiest pictures wear a mini skirt and elegant gown. Also, she attends many award functions.


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