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Irving Tar Bush was an American businessman. Bush's father, Rufus T. Bush was the richest oil refinery owner, industrialist, and yachtsman. Irving T. Bush was the founder of  Bush Terminal Company.

Early Life and Education

Irving T. Bush was born on 12 July 1869 in Ridgeway, Lenawee  County, Michigan, U.S. He along with his family moved to Brooklyn, New York at his early age. During his teenage, Bush's father sold his Brooklyn waterfront oil refinery to Standard Oil and retired.

He attended The Hill School in Philadelphia, and at his age of nineteen, Bush joined his father's firm. In 1890 Bush's father died of drinking a fatal dose of aconite accidentally. He is White in ethnicity and holds American nationality.


Bush was chairman of the Continental Commerce Co., which had rights to market Thomas Edison's Kinetoscope overseas. The kinetoscope was the earliest motion picture viewer. Despite modern movie projector, kinetoscope could show a moving picture to only a person at a time. In 1984, The Continental Commerce Co. opened the first licensed European kinetoscope parlor in London.

Bush Terminal

Irving T. Bush's connection with Edison's motion picture was very brief. In the mid-1890s, Bush began planning and construction of Bush Terminal on the Brooklyn waterfront site. He was also named Chief Executive of the War

Irving T. Bush also worked as president of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York from 1922-1924.

Personal Life

Irving T. Bush was in the news from a young age when Bush was mentioned in stories of  Coronet's circ u mnavigation. In 1981, Bush married Belle Barlow and shared two daughters with her, Beatrice, and Eleanor.

After his divorce with Barlow, Bush, he married Howard Beard and had a son together named Rufus, named after Bush's father.

In 1930, Bush and his second wife divorced in Reno, Nevada, and after an hour he married to a socialite, artist, and philanthropist, Marian Spore Bush. He met Marian Bush while working together on a breadline in New York's impoverished Bowery in 1920.

After their marriage, the couple lived at 280 Park Avenue, with Helen Tunison, Bush's niece, who dedicated the statue of Irving T. Bush, after his death. Bush died on 21 October 1948.

After his death, he left behind Bush Terminal, which employed thousands of people. Both of his construction, Bush Tower, and Bush House are landmarks today.

Net worth

Irving Bush earned a good amount of money as a businessman during his time. His father was one of the wealthiest industrialists, with his own oil refinery company, with a total net worth of $1.4 million. Before his father died, his father left an estate worth $2,000,000 to his two sons and wife.

Although Irving T. Bush's exact figure of net worth is not known, he was also very skilled and made a good amount of money as a businessman.

He is the founder of Bush Terminal Company and constructed the ma s sive Bush Terminal transportation, manufacturing facility in Sunset Park, NYC, Brooklyn which had more the 25,000 employers.He also commissioned Bush Tower located in Manhattan, on 42nd Street and funded the construction of Bush House in London.

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