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Ilan Mitchell- Smith was in June 29, 1969 who is an American actor within the American film industry. This 46 years old man was born in New York City and mostly he is recognized with his work in the top film named Weird Science that came in the year 1985. Ilan started his acting career with the start from the year 1983 till the year 1991 where he had a break for a short duration of time and later completed in the year 2013. Ilan is also a professor by his profession whose career got started as ballet from the very early time. Ilan father was also teaching in a school and his mother was an accountant. Seeing his father and growing up from his inspiration he worked as a professor later on.

Ilan was the winner of dance in School of American Ballet and he got scholarship because of this and started his career from the age of 1982 while he was introduced by a casting director of the film when he was just running 12 years old in his age. Ilan was portrayed within the Wild Life film that came in the year 1984 and after that with high appreciation he got many offers in working to the films. Ilan even notably worked in The Chocolate War which is also the most challenging work undertaken by him.

Ilan is in deep love with his spouse and he is totally committed with his married life whose name is Susannah Demaree. They married in the year 1995 and became father of 2 children. By the current time there is no any dictation to divorce as well as in other hand they are taking full care of their children who were born in 1998 and 2000 respectively. For the first time they met each other in Santa Monica College and their affair got started. By now he is totally happy in indicating his wife who is quite younger than her in age. They often love to collect pictures and post in social sites where they can be seen they are enjoying the company of each other. Ilan has even known any presence of extra love in his life and also they are good in travelling. Ilan is not gay and there is no any rumor for the issues stating about his sexuality. Ilan has not planned to quit smoking and drinking for his better fitness of health.

IIan height, weight and body measurement is not explicitly mentioned in the social media however looking to his pictures it can be a s sumed that he is smart enough in maintaining it. With his handsome looks and styles he is able to collect 3 million American dollars of net worth and he is also planning to donate some of his salary for the social activities. 

by Bchrome, 01 Apr, 2016

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