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Ida Maria Børli Sivertsen, in short, Ida Maria, is a Norwegian musician and songwriter.

She released her first album, Fortress Round My Heart in 2008. Her second album, Kalta was released in 2010. She digitally released her third album Love Conquers All in Norway in 2013.

Early Life and Education Of Ida Maria 

Ida Maria Borli Sivertsen was born on 13th July 1984 in Nesna, Norway. Ida is a Norwegian songwriter and rock musician. She is known by her stage name Ida Maria. Ida had released her first album Fortress Round My Heart in 2008.

Ida had been brought up in Nesna in Norway, a small town where the population was less than 2000. Her father is a Jazz musician.

Ida Maria's Career

Ida learned to play guitar in her early age and started performing when she was 14 years old at local concerts. When she was 16 years old she moved to Bergen in Norway again she moved to Stockholm in Sweden. There she had started a band with a guitarist named Ba s sist Johannes Lindberg, Stefan Tornby, and a drummer named Olle Lundin.

In 2006 and in 2007 Ida had won two national competitions for an unknown artist. Because of the competition, Ida had gained much popularity in her native Norway. In 2007 and in 2008 she had performed at the annual Norwegian musical festival in 2008.

Ida released her debut album named Fortress Round My Heart. The album got on the top 20 position for the seven weeks. The album was rated as 48th best album of the year by the British music magazine NME.

She had also released a remix of her first single named Oh My God in September 2009 with punk rock icon Iggy Pop. She had performed at many festivals and also had been nominated in BT Digital Music Awards 2008 for Nest Indie/Rock Artist category.

In 2009 she had performed her song named I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked on a show named The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Her second album Katla was released in November 2010 in Norway but internationally it was released on 7th June 2011. And her third album named Love Conquers All in Norway was released in August 2013.

Ida Maria's Net Worth

Ida Maria's net worth is about $5 million. She has earned a decent amount of salary from her musical career.

Ida Maria's Personal Life

She currently lives in Nesna. Maria is reported to experience synesthesia, which leads her to see colors when she hears the music.

She said, 

"I don't know what life's like without it, as I've always had it. As I've gotten older, I've seen that it has definitely been a bonus in terms of what I do. When I started to play guitar, I made this colour sheet for all the chords. I didn't know what they were called, but I knew exactly what colours and shades they were. So I made songs with colour palettes, which was really cool."

by abhishek, 04 May, 2014

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