Hugh McDonald

Inside Biography

Hugh McDonalds was born with his birth name as High John McDonald who was born in December 28, 1950. Now, he is 65 years old in his age and his birth place is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania of United States and with his profession he adopted his occupation as Ba s sist as well as Vocalist. During the year 1984 till the present time his works are appreciated by his fans from large sum of amount due to his hard work and sincerity. His identity is also defined being as a Session Musician and also the Ba s sist engaged within the band named as Bon Jovi. He is the best ba s s player of the town and he credits all his identification towards his father who was also professionally a musician. Similarly, his mother owed her own home parlor and his aunt was helping to his mother for her works.

Hugh also joined with his very first demo within Bon Jovi within the song named as “Runaway”. Since from his early schooling he was very interested within the music therefore; his friends also recommended him to join the music school. His education was not much completed due to his much focus within the music and he was also in the early time linked within the local club and music center.

Hugh and his personal life are totally different than that of his professional living. There are no any findings and clear dictations about his spouse and his married life in any of the social media till the date. Though the rumor is he had number of affairs and girlfriends in his life but unfortunately he never disclosed the name of the person. His information available within the social media about his bio is mostly focused regarding his professional career and has given less importance towards his personal life. Hugh is also dictated of being married. There is not even found any data whether he is divorced from his married life or not. Hugh has also never been to any rumor and controversy regarding the story of his affair or spouse and neither there is any doubt about his sexuality. He is very silent and calm nature of person who is mostly determined within music. As according to him he mentions that he is born for music and it is the only thing that he needs within his life. Hugh is living with his simple life and planning to start his own musical band.

The height of Hugh is 6 feet 4 inches in tall and his tall height makes him look more attractive and sexy. With his best and adorable presentation styles He is capable enough to earn successful amount of net worth that is all because of his exclusive salary. He is also planning to donate some of this net worth towards the social trust with a purpose. 

by Bchrome, 02 Feb, 2016

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