Howie Long

Inside Biography

Howie Long's real name is Howard Matthew Moses he was born on January 6, 1960. He is an American football personality on-going his bio who got a s sociated with National Football League originally belonging from Charlestown, Massachusetts.

His position is a Defensive end and has also been working as an actor. Furthermore, he is also engaged in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in the year 2000.

Early Life

At the present time, he is a s sociated with Fox Sports Network where he is working as a studio analyst specifically NFL coverage. His family background belongs to Roman Catholic following the same now.

His father was also a football player on the local team and his mother was an assistant in a company. Later, because of his divorce from his parents at 10 years of his age, he was brought up by his elder sister.

Loves To Play Football

Moses was interested in playing football from his childhood also looking at his father he gained much interest in it. He was previously a s sociated with Villanova University for his football career and he got graduated in 1981 from the same university.

Later on, he joined NFL Sunday as an analyst and during that very time, he was also offered in playing movies.

Notable Credit

The best movies he has ever undertaken include War Games during the year 2001 as well as the 1994 NFC Championship Game of the year 1995 is also counted as excellent work ever undertaken by him. He also played in Broken Arrow in 1996 was also excellent work ever portrayed by him.

One of the visible trademarks of this celebrity is flat top in his appearance, along with that his Jersey Number is #75. He never travels in the same airplane with his wife because he fears the accident and orphaning their children.

Father Of Three Children

He got married to Diane Addonizio in the year 1980.  He is the father of 3 sons and his eldest child is working as a defensive end within New England Patriots name is Chris. Along with his, Kyle is his second son who is a s sociated within Chicago Bears. His movies are his source of highlights behind his career in football.

He is much in love with his wife and is now responsible for his son as well. There has even known any past story of his divorce or failing marital status with any other wife.

Net Worth

He loves listening to Spanish music in his leisure moment and has a good collection of it. Even he has a long list of traveling and has visited several places in the major cities of the world.

Long is 6 feet 5 and a half inches and can even be clearly recognized by his height as a trademark. By now it is around 16 million American dollars remarking him to secure the position of richest celebrity on the list along with other celebrities. 

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