How well is the personal life of TV personality Bob Beckel's ex-wife going? Know about Leland Beckel

News by Clarence Published on 24 Jan,2017 Updated on 24 Jan,2017

Leland Beckel is the Head golf coach of Georgetown University better known as the ex-wife of Bob Beckel, a famous TV personality and commentator on Fox News. She is the first ever coach of the Hoya women’s golf team and was named the Big East Coach of the Year in 2003. She is also a former golfer and was the Vice-President of DIVOT, Inc.

Leland Beckel’s married life with Bob Beckel and their children

Leland Beckel was married to Bob Beckel on 14th November 1992. They first met each other on a golf course at Columbia Country Club Golf Course in Maryland in 1990. Since then they had been together and married two years later, the day before Bob’s birthday in 1992.

Bob Beckel and Leland Beckel


Leland and Bob had an interesting first meeting. Leland asked bob if she could play with them but Bob was unaware about her being a golf coach. So, he insisted her to go and play with the women. He faced a defeat with her in the game. They started dating soon. However, she was also unknown about Bob being a public figure until she dated him.

Leland and Bob are blessed with two children together. They have a son, Alex and a daughter, MacKenzie 17 and 15 years old respectively.

Leland’s Life after divorce

Leland ended her 10 years of married life with Bob in 2002. Bob’s addiction to drugs and alcohol was said to be the main reason for their divorce. However, the other reasons were also mentioned.

After her divorce with Bob, Leland was found dating John Keyser, Georgetown’s women’s Golf program manager in 2001. The duo got married on December 2002. Keyser is also the principle ofCommon Sense Leadership, a leadership coaching firm. Currently, Leland is reported to be disabled and has a problem in her spinal cord.