Marty Lagina married Olivia Lagina: See Their Married Life, Children & Family Details Here!!

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Marty Lagina, an American television personality as well as an engineer, is famous for featuring in The Curse of Oakland. He is well known among his fans for his acting skills and outstanding performances. 

Well, many of us know him as a versatile veteran actor, however, most of us might be looking to his personal life and relationships which he loves to keep low key.

He is married to M. Olivia Lagina, a former engineer of Michigan for a long time, but how is their relationship going? Are they living happily? 

Marty Lagina And M Olivia Lagina's Blissful Married Life!!!

Famous The Curse of Civil War Gold producer Marty Lagina is an example of those who want to balance their personal and professional life. Besides being an extraordinary actor, he is an equally good husband as he is in the film industry.

He has been married to his wife Olivia Lagina for a long time. The couple has spent more than two decades together. They both are definitely relationship goals. A world where it seemed like people are forgetting about love and relationships, couples like them gives us hope.  

Even after more than two decades, the love and passion that they show for each other is the best example for the new couples out there who are struggling each day in their relationship. 

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Marty and Olivia both are engineers by profession. They have worked together for many years in their company, Terra Energy. The couple is blessed with two children; daughter Maddie Lagina and son Alex Lagina.

M. Olivia Lagina's Lesser-Known Facts

Margaret Olivia Lagina is a native of Traverse, Michigan, USA. She completed her primary education from Ewing High school Michigan and later graduated from the Rutgers College.

She is professionally a geological engineer. Her work credits include her work in Wiser Oil Co. of Michigan. 

CAPTION: Marty Lagina with Olivia Lagina, his wife SOURCE: Groundwork Center

Not to mention, the lady engineer is famous for being the life partner of Marty Lagina. As of 2020, Olivia lives with her husband and two young children in her hometown.

Marty And Olivia’s Children

The couple has two children, a son, and a daughter. Their son Alex Lagina followed in his father's footsteps and is now a reality television star, featuring in The Curse of Oakland with his father and Uncle Rick Lagina.

CAPTION: Marty Lagina and his son Alex Lagina SOURCE: Puzzups

Alex graduated from the University of Michigan in Mechanical engineering. He moved back to his hometown of Traverse City to take help in the family business.

He has played a vital role to support the expansion of his vineyards and the new winery on the Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, Michigan. When he is not working in the vineyard, he is out filming for the Curse of Oakland.

Alex has a sister named Maddie Lagina, is active in social media. She frequently shares her pictures on her Facebook.

Marty Lagina Show: The Curse Of Oakland

The Curse of Oakland is a documentary series led by Marty and his brother Rick Lagina. The show aired on the History Channel. The series was one of the highest-rated shows on the History Channel. 

In this series, they were set to find out the truth of the popular hypothesis and rumor about theorized treasure on the uninhabited Oak Island, situated on the south shore of Nova Scotia Canada.

CAPTION: Lagina Brothers: The Curse of Oak Island SOURCE: Monsters and Critics

The first series of the show was premiered on January 5, 2014. The series focuses on incorporate historical footage of past researchers and dramatic creations of famous events of the late 1700s.

In this show, the Lagina brothers work to reveal the mysteries of the Island in Nova Scotia. 

Marty Lagina’s Short Bio

Marty Lagina was born in Kingsford on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He is the youngest son of the late George Lagina and Ann. C Lagina. 

His mother was also an engineer; she worked for Lake Shore Engineering for many years. She and George Lagina got married on June 5, 1948, and together they lived in Milwaukee for two years. 

Then, they moved to the Iron Mountain. Marty has three siblings and they are Rick Lagina, Terese Fornetti, and Marianne Gardener. 


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