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Henry Simmons was born with his birth name as Henry Oswald Simmons, Jr. who was born in July 1, 1970 and he is now 45 years old belonging as his age. Henry birth place is located in Stamford, Connecticut of United States and his present years started from the year 1994 within the present phase of time. Henry is remembered with his workings in NYPD Blue which is the ABC police drama and his character portrayed was as Baldwin Jones during the very time. Henry time worked within there from the year 2000 till 2005 which granted a high success and he earned his name and fame all from across. Henry belongs from African- American ethnicity and falls with American nationality. Henry is the son of mother Aurelia. Aurelia is professionally working as a school teacher and his father was IRS agent whose name is Henry Simmons. He belongs under the 4 children of his parents out of 1 and he has twin sister as well as brother and sister as his sibling.

Henry has obtained his bachelor’s degree and he also obtained his basketball scholarship due to his amazing workings within Franklin Pierce College which is located within New Hampshire. As soon as he completed his bachelor he was planning to establish his own business but later he experiment his career in theater and as soon as after his graduation he started working in Stamford within Fortune 500. Henry was much interested in acting that made him to build up his interest. His workings in Another World were also the best list of his workings that made him to earn his fame.

Henry is a married man and he is totally committed with his affair whom he got married after a long dating. Henry got his girlfriend Sophina Brown and he is now stating her as his spouse. Henry got married with Sophina in May 2010 and till the present context these couples are having a great time with a family. There is no any elaboration of Henry children as well as no rumors of their children. Henry has even neither any divorce story in his bio mentioned and he is totally happy with his married life. Henry stated in an interview that he had one girlfriend in his college days and he was having a good dating time as his affair but he never planned to get married with her. He seems now busy in his career and his bio is strong within this regard.

Henry has owned a successful amount of salary. Henry height is 6 feet 4 inches in tall and he has an amazing and well-maintained body. The latest bio states his net worth is also as successful as his presentation styles which are mentioned to be around 2 million American dollars in 2016.

by Bchrome, 23 Mar, 2016

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