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Havan Flores, born on November 20, 2007, in Oklahoma, has swiftly risen to fame as an accomplished young actress. Her breakthrough came with the role of Chapa, also known as Volt, in the action comedy series "Henry Danger."

Notably, Havan continues to showcase her talent in the series' spin-off, "Danger Force." Hailing from a military family, Unfortunately, details about her parents remain undisclosed. Residing in California, this American actress is characterized by her dedication and active involvement in her craft.

Early Life Details

Havan Flores, originally from Oklahoma, was raised in a privileged military family. Her father serves in the army, and her mother is a homemaker, though their identities remain undisclosed. Flores shares her home with her parents, sister, grandparents, and cats.

Henry Danger child actress Havan Flores was born in 2007.  SOURCE: Instagram @danger.clube

Havan Flores has an older sister, and the two siblings share a close and supportive relationship. They grew up together, and Flores's older sister, who is a cat lover, takes on the responsibility of naming the family cats. She is described as a loving and cherished family member.

Since her early years, Flores harbored a passion for acting, fostered by her love for movies and TV series. Recognizing her interest, her mother supported her by enrolling her in acting and dance classes. This passion has since evolved into a successful career, as the American actress continues to actively pursue her ambitions, hoping to secure more roles in the future.

Havan Attended a Japanese Preschool

The American child actor Havan Flores follows a unique educational path as a homeschooled child, largely influenced by her father's military career. In her early years, she attended a Japanese preschool but has since been homeschooled alongside her sister.

Being part of a Christian family, Flores actively participates in Vacation Bible School and celebrates festivals like Christmas. Engaging in various extracurricular activities, she was involved in local theater groups, cheerleading, martial arts, and tumbling. 

Havan Flores' Social Media Accounts

Havan Flores maintains an active presence on various social media platforms. Her official Instagram account, @havanflores, boasts a substantial following of over 340K. Additionally, she can be found on @travelboblee, a dedicated handle for her family's blind cat Bob.

While her Twitter account, @Havanflores, is not verified, it serves as a platform to showcase her professional endeavors. Flores also manages a comprehensive Facebook page that provides insights into her personal life, though it appears to be a fan page.

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Is Havan Flores Dating?

Havan Flores Cullen maintains a private stance when it comes to her romantic life, choosing not to disclose any details about her relationships to the public. The Henry Danger actress prioritizes her privacy and has not introduced any romantic partners to the media.

As of now, it appears that Flores is currently single and not married. She seems to be relishing her teenage years without a publicly known boyfriend, focusing on her personal life away from the spotlight.

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What Is Havan Flores' Net Worth?

Havan Flores has a net worth of $100 thousand, primarily stemming from her acting endeavors and endorsements. Similar to Lexee Smith, a fellow member of the dance crew 'LilBeasts, Flores has reached this financial milestone.

Havan's income sources include earnings from modeling assignments and commercial ventures. Managed by her parents, Flores' financial portfolio is on a steady growth trajectory.

Career As An Actress

Havan Flores gained significant recognition in 2020 through her role in the action comedy series "Henry Danger." Before this breakthrough, she had an established career as a performer and model, working with brands like GAP Kids and featuring in Sarah Jessica Parker’s Fall Fashion Collection.

Havan Flores (right) on a red carpet. SOURCE: Instagram @havanflores

While initially involved in smaller projects like "Pigeon" and "Harmonica Man," it was Havan's involvement in the Nickelodeon series that propelled her to stardom. Subsequently, she expanded her acting portfolio with projects like "Danger Force," "Side Hustle," and "Danger Goes Digital," all under the Nickelodeon banner.

Continuing her portrayal of the superhero character Volt in the Danger Universe, Flores has solidified her presence in the industry, working alongside acclaimed co-actor Jace Norman, a Kids' Choice Award winner.

Physical Appearance

Havan Flores, known for her role in "Harmonica Man," possesses an adorable and visually appealing physique with charming, pixie-like features. Her striking dark brown eyes beautifully contrast with her fair complexion. Although a natural brunette, she chooses to color her hair red.

Standing at 5 feet 1 inch (155 cm) and weighing approximately 55 kg, Flores has a petite and slim body. As a growing individual, she will likely experience further changes in her height. Despite her stature, she maintains her fitness through regular workouts.


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