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Harlene Rosen is best known as the first wife of legendary filmmaker Woody Allen.  Her first gained notoriety when Allen began referring to her as "Quasimodo" in his stand-up comedy act and on television. This led Rosen to sue Allen for defamation, and the two eventually settled out of court.

Rosen's ex-husband, Woody is an American filmmaker, actor, comedian, playwright, and author who has been a major force in the entertainment industry for over six decades. 

Harlene Rosen Made Once Made Her Vow With Woody Allen

Harlene Rosen, Woody Allen's first wife, has broken her silence after 50 years of bitterness and animosity. In a heartfelt dedication to the renowned film legend, Rosen has put an end to their long-standing feud.

The former duo were married in 1956 when Rosen was just 17 years old and Allen was 20. The two had met when Allen was playing in a jazz band and Rosen was playing the piano. Despite their young age, the two were determined to make it work and began their married life together.

CAPTION: Harlene Rosen and her ex-husband Woody Allen the American filmmaker, actor, comedian, and playwright.  SOURCE: Daily Mail

Unfortunately, the marriage was not to last. After just a few years, the couple divorced in 1962. During their marriage, Allen had been known to make jokes about Rosen in his comedy act, referring to her as "Quasimodo" and mocking her in public appearances. Rosen eventually sued Allen for defamation, and the two went their separate ways.

After the divorce, Rosen largely stayed out of the spotlight, while Allen went on to become a famous actor, writer, and director. However, In 2015, Rosen made a surprise move and released a heartfelt message about her former husband on the occasion of his 80th birthday. In the message, she spoke of their "teenage summer of love" and the sadness, tears, laughter, and love that they shared.

Why They Divorce And The Heartful Tribute Of Harlene Rosen 

Woody Allen, then 19, proposed to Harlene Rosen in 1955, and the couple exchanged vows the following year. Initially, their relationship seemed promising, with Rosen playing the piano in Allen's jazz band. However, the dynamic shifted as Allen's fame grew, and he began using derogatory terms like 'Quasimodo' to describe Rosen in his nightclub act and on television. The public humiliation took its toll, eventually leading to their bitter divorce in 1963.

Rosen's tribute, featured in the biography "Woody," captures her admiration for Allen's immense energy, creativity, and charisma. She fondly reminisces about their shared love for movies and music, highlighting the joyful moments they experienced together.

Rosen acknowledges the difficulties they faced in their marriage, reflecting on the challenges of navigating their individual paths as Allen's career skyrocketed, while she pursued her college education. Within her heartfelt words, there is a blend of sadness, tears, laughter, and love—a testament to the complexity of their relationship.

This heartfelt message from Harlene Rosen marks a significant moment, as it represents her first public statement in over three decades. By sending her tribute to the book's author, David Evanier, Rosen aims to bring closure to their long-standing feud. This inclusion adds an emotional layer to the biography, shedding light on a chapter of Allen's life that has remained largely unexplored.

Harlene Rosen Made Ex-Husband Woody Allen Is Marriage With Soon-Yi Previn 

Following the divorce with Rosen, Allen went on to marry twice more Louise Lasser in 1966 and Soon-Yi Previn in 1997, with whom he remains married today.  Allen and Previn sealed their love with a wedding ceremony in Venice, Italy, on December 23, 1997.

Despite the media frenzy and public backlash, the couple remained steadfast in their commitment. Together, they embarked on a journey of adoption, welcoming two children named Bechet and Manzie into their lives. Their unconventional relationship has sparked ongoing debates about age differences, power dynamics, and morality within the context of love and marriage.

Harlene Rosen, ex-husband Woody Allen is now married to Soon-Yi Previn. SOURCE: Instagram

One of the most significant challenges in their marriage has been the historical sexual abuse allegations against Allen, made by his daughter Dylan Farrow. Throughout the ordeal, Allen has vehemently denied the accusations, describing them as manipulative and driven by vindictiveness.

Soon-Yi Previn, in an explosive interview with New York Magazine, defended her husband's innocence, emphasizing that her intention was not to seek revenge or write a tell-all exposé about Mia Farrow. Previn expressed her distress at the unfair treatment Allen has endured, describing the allegations as deeply unjust.

What About Harlene Rosen's Net Worth?

Harlene Rosen is thought to have an unknown net worth. However, she is known to have enjoyed an opulent lifestyle due to her wealthy celebrity husband. After divorcing Woody, Rosen received a sizeable sum as part of the settlement.

Woody Allen, her ex-husband, has a net worth of $140 million. He has written and directed 49 feature films, 14 stage productions, and one short film. He has close to 75 authorings, over 50 directing, and close to 50 acting credits to his resume. One of his most well-liked works is Annie Hall, which stars Diane Keaton, a longtime collaborator.

Harlene Rosen's ex-husband Woody Allen the author has been a major force in the entertainment industry for over six decades.  SOURCE: Instagram

Since Rosen and Allen's marriage lasted only a few years before they divorced in 1963. In the aftermath of their divorce, Allen agreed to pay Rosen $75 a week in alimony, which could have risen to $175 if he had a steady job.

Rosen was reportedly hurt by Allen's public jokes about her, which he referred to her as "Quasimodo" in his nightclub act and on TV. As a result, she sued him for defamation. After their divorce, Rosen avoided the spotlight and nothing is known about her life since then.

Early Life OF Harlene Rosen 

Harlene Rosen, a remarkable woman born on November 30, 1938, hails from the enchanting land of America. Her upbringing was shaped by the loving presence of her parents, Julian and Judith Rosen, who instilled in her the values of integrity and perseverance.

It was during her marriage to the renowned actor and director Woody Allen that Harlene's name rose to prominence, captivating the attention of fans worldwide. However, unlike the glitz and glamour often associated with Hollywood, Harlene preferred to bask in the beauty of a quieter existence.

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