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Haley Hudson is an actress known best for her roles in well-known movies like Freaky Friday and The Pact. She was born on 14th of June, 1986.

Haley was born on Los Angeles, California, USA. Not much is known about her parents and educational history but it is however known that she pursued her interest in acting since the age of 17. Her first film role includes acting as Peg on the movie Freaky Friday. Through she had been considered and auditioned for the role of Maddie, Christina Vidal obtained the role. She however impressed the producers and the directors of the film so much that a special role was cast out and written, specifically for her. After her rise into fame from acting on the Freaky Friday, she got the role of Laura on the Short film Sweet Pea, on 2005. She appeared next as Amanda on the movie Look on 2007 and as Morgan on the movie Killer Pad the very next year. On 2008, she also appeared as Debby on the movie Marley and Me and on 2009 as Rose Brown on the movie The Inner Circle. On 2010, she appeared as Maggie on Killer by Nature and as Dolla on the 2012 movie Making Change. On the very same year, she appeared on The Pact as Stevie and as Nora. She reprised the role of Stevie on The Pact 2 on 2014.

As far as her television roles are concerned, she has appeared as Clementine on the 2003 show Lizzie McGuire and as Quinn Hodes on Weeds on 2005. On 2006 and 2008 she has appeared as Estee and Syndey on Sons and Daughters and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles respectively. She has also appeared on The Forgotten, Ruby and the Rockits, Ghost Whisperer, Look: The Series, The Mentalist and on Queen Gorya. Her discography includes working on the soundtrack of the 2003 movie, Freaky Friday.

It has also been known that Haley had been considered to play the role of Violet in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. This pretty blonde beauty is also a talented musician who can play the guitar, piano and the violin as well.

Hudson has openly described herself as being bi-sexual and takes an interest both in women and men. Her dating history includes affairs with Heather Hogan at around 2004 and was rumored to be with Traci Lords the very next year. She dated Marshall Allman on 2005 and was in a relationship with 2006. Adam Rifkin and Hudson had been dating around 2007 and her present relationship status and news about her present girlfriend or boyfriend is yet unknown. What is known is the fact that Hudson has a net worth of 1 million dollars and is liked immensely by anyone who has seen her on television and on films.

by Bchrome, 04 Dec, 2015

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