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Gordon McQueen is a footballer who played for many reputed teams like St Mirren, Leeds United, and more. Likewise, the former player represented Scotland. He has been married to Yvonne McQueen and has two children.

Who Is Gordon McQueen?

Gordon McQueen was born on 26th June 1952 in Kilbirnie, United Kingdom. He is a former football player. He has played for Leeds United, Scotland, St Mirren and Manchester United as a center-back.

Gordon's father Tom McQueen is a former Scottish footballer who played as a goalkeeper. He is of Scottish nationality.

During Gordon's school time, he was a goalkeeper but later on, he switched to the center-back position.


At the age of 18, he got signed by Dt Mirren. Later in 1973, he was offered 30,000 euros as the replacement of Jack Charlton.  At Leeds, Gordon has played six times in his first season but he missed the 1973 FA Cup Final.

After the Charlton Paul Madeley played as the team player-of-all-positions, Gordan was in the most of the team 1973-74 seasons. Without defeat in 29 games at the start of the season, Leeds won the league championship.

As Norman Hunter's defensive partner, Gordon had played a crucial part in the season. At the end of the season, he made his international debut against Belgium after being called to the Scotland squad.

At the back of the following season, Hunter and McQueen excelled notably in the Leeds campaign in the European Cup. During the season, Gordon scored three goals. In the final Leeds lost to Bayern Munich by 2-0.

In Argentina, he was in the 1978 FIFA World Cup squad and was then regular for Scotland. He could not play in the World Cup because of his injury.

Later Gordon left Leeds and moved to the rivals, Manchester United in 1978 February for 495,000 euros. After signing for the club, he said that 99% of the players want to play for the club and rest 1% are liars. 

By scoring 2 against Arsenal, Gordon McQueen helped Manchester United to reach the 1979 FA Cup Final. After replaying against Brighton and Hove Albion he finally gained the FA Cup winner medal in 1983. After not being included in the 1985 FA Cup Final and losing his first-team place to the Paul McGrath in 1985 Gordon left Manchester.

On 29th April 2008, it was announced that as an a s sistant scout along with David Mills, McQueen returned to the Middlesbrough.

What is Gordon McQueen's Net Worth?

Gordon McQueen has a net worth of $2 million, as of 2019. He has racked up the majority of his net worth from his football career. He previously played for St Mirren and Leed United as a center-back. He is also paid a good payment. 

Who Is His Wife? 

Gordon McQueen is a married man. He tied the known with his wife Yvonne McQueen. The couple did not reveal when they got married and how it all started. 

McQueen has two daughters named Hayley McQueen and Anna McQueen.  In 2014 Gordon's daughter Hayley said in an interview that at first Yvonne had fancied about Joe and their father was the second choice.

Hayley said that her mother lived on an island named Majorca in Spain for several years. When her father and Joe went to Majorca on holiday they met her mother Yvonne. There Yvonne ran beach and boat parties and did modeling. They met her in one of her parties.

At first, Yvonne liked Joe but he already had a girlfriend. At first, she did not fancy Gordon she just loved his company.

The following year Yvonne returned to England and then love blossomed between her and Gordon. Joe and Gordon were best men at each other's wedding and still are best friends.

Gordon has diagnosed with cancer of the larynx in the year 2011 October. He then started treatment at the James Cook University Hospital. The following year he confirmed that he was now recovering from cancer but he still attends the regular checkups.

Gordon was a smoker and also a heavy drinker but he quite both in 2000.

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