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Early Life and Education

George Packer was born on 13th of August, 1960 in Santa Clara, California, United States of America. His father, Herbert L. Packer, was a reputed professor of law, and the author of numerous articles and books. His mother, Nancy Packer, was a Wallace Stegner Fellow in the Creative Writing Program and  a professor of English. George’s sister, Ann Packer, is a writer. His mother was a Christian while his father was a Jewish.

George Packer is a 1982 graduate of Yale College. He resided at Calhoun College during his College days. He has also worked in a Peace Corps in Togo.

Career and path

George Packer’s writing career took off since 2003.He has been successful in his entire career as a novelist, journalist and playwright. His articles have managed to appear even in World Affairs, The Nation, The New York Times, Boston Review, and many more. George Packer also was a columnist for Mother Jones.

George Packer is popular for his book entitled The Assa s sins’ Gate: America in Iraq. The book analyses the events that led to Iraq’s invasion in the year 2003. George Packer was a supporter of the Iraq war. George Packer managed to be a finalist for the Michael Kelly Award of 2004. He has been serving as a staff writer for The New Yorker since May 2003. The New Yorker Festival released a video entitled Geoffrey Canada on Giving Voice to the Have-nots in July 2013. The video was of a panel moderated by George Packer.

His book The Unwinding: An Inner History of The New America also gained wide popularity. The book focuses on the way that America changed from the year 1978 to 2012. It has been able to trace the lives of various individuals from different backgrounds within America. George Packer’s The Unwinding won the 2013 National Book Award for Nonfiction.

Marriage and personal life

George Packer was initially married to Michele Million. However, the marriage did not not last longer and the couple finally divorced.

George Packer was later married Laura Secor. Laura is a writer and a senior editor at Lingua Franca. They wedded in 2006 in Brooklyn. George and Laura are the parents of their four month-old son, Charlie. They are living a happy life with their child at Prospect Heights townhouse currently.

Fact, bio and height

George Packer still stands smart and attractive with a medium height. The 56 year old is a very active man. He is also the member of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting’s International Board of Directors. His net worth is estimated to be high acc u mulated from his high salary as a journalist, playwright, and a novelist. 

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