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Gary Levox was born with his birth name as Gary Wayne Vernon Jr. and he is now 45 years old who was born in July 10, 1970. The birth place of Gary is in Columbus, Ohio of United States and he is belonging to the genres country. From the year 1997 till the current time he has adopted his occupation being as a singer as well as songwriter and he is a lead vocalist within Rascal Flatts which is contemporary country trio. His father was also into the music industry that made him get influence highly towards the music and his mother as a home maker. Gary spent his early time with the supervision of his elder sister since his parents got divorce right after he took birth.

Gary was interested towards the music and was attracted from the very early time. He used to learn many country songs in his high school times and later he completed his graduation level of education from Olentangy High School. This is the alumnus of The Ohio State University. During the year 1997 he later moved towards Nashville Tennessee for his further success. Gary also used to make his brilliant performances in the school stage programs.

The personal information regarding Gary is quite open within the media. After having a long affair with Tara Vernon he got married with her mentioning as a spouse in 15 May 1999. Till the current time they have never mentioned about getting a divorce and they still look the same love birds with their open love like they were during the time of their affair. Gary also dictated that Tara is more romantic being as a wife than before as his girlfriend. Gary and Tara are the parents of 2 children and they are his hearts. The name of his 2 daughters is Brittany Kay Vernon who was born in 26 August 2000 and the second daughter was born in 21 March 2004 whose name is Brooklyn Leigh Vernon. Once upon a time during his stay he also had a roommate Jamie Foxx who is an Oscar winner. Gary has no any past story of his divorce with any of the spouse also he has never been to any rumor and controversy within his life history. He is straight in his sexuality and he neither is a gay at all. Gray is born to travel as mentioned by him travelling country across country. 

Gary height is 6 feet tall and he is a very handsome and attractive with his personality. His bio of career with success of salary made him to earn the net worth of amount that is around 40 million American dollars during the current timing that is comparatively higher than the previous years all because of his sincerity and hard work with dedication towards the music industry.

by Bchrome, 02 Feb, 2016

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