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Gage Golightly was born on September 5, 1993. This 22 years old beautiful, sexy, and intelligent actress was born in LA, the USA.Gage is mostly remembered for her role in Hayley Steele within the popular series named The troop which comes in Nickelodeon during the year 2009 till 2011. Furthermore, she is also remembered for her work in Teen Wolf which is popular MTV series with the role of Erica Reyes. Gage father was a doctor and her mother was a nurse. Since belonging from the medical family background she was also encouraged to study medical as her major subject by the people but she was not very interested in it. Gage was the youngest out of 5 children of her parents, therefore; she was brought up with special care and consideration.

Gage was highly attached with make-up from the early form of her life and also she used to get all the latest outfits that were available in the market. His brother also working in pizza parlor used to suggest her with trendy clothes and accessories made her get attached with fashion more dragged into acting as well. Therefore, she started thinking to act in films and make I have her professional career. In early time, she was featured in the minor roles and performance among the films which was noticed by high profiled directors made to get official debut into the film.

Golightly has also become a part of FSHA and she is totally emotionally attached to her dog named Santa. It was her birthday in the year 2012, where she again adapted another dog named Ellie. Gage on relationship status is not very serious and thinkable to it. As because she is currently single she is concentrated in her education and career rather than having a boyfriend. But in the year 2011, she was dating with her affair James Maslow and enjoying fantastic time together. Gage real name is even said to be Gaga but she is denying it. She thinks her age is too young to get married so she is focused on her family and career by now which can also be proved by looking her bio which is much concentrated on her career rather than personal details. Gage is a good swimmer and she loves swimming in summer during her leisure time. Gage also loves fishing and she is good in cooking bakery items.

Sexy Gage looks amazing with her height of 5 feet 9 inches. She even looks absolutely dashing in a red gown with a matchable weight which she has maintained. In the current stage, her salary is super amazing to collect the net worth and by now she has been collective towards 3 million American dollars. 

by Bchrome, 20 Apr, 2016

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