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Gabbie Hanna is a popular social media star. Her YouTube and vine show ‘The Gabbie Show’ rose her to fame in a matter of few years.

Early Life:

Gabbie Hanna was born in New Castle, Pennsylvania, the United States as Gabrielle Jeanette Hanna. On 7th February 1991. She was raised by her parents in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Hanna belongs to Lebanese, Polish and French descents. Ethnicity wise she is a White American.

Early Career:

Gabbie Hanna attended the University of Pittsburgh and completed her graduation in psychology. Hanna has also best knowledge of Economics and communication.

After her graduation, she worked as a waitress for a short period of time. Later she began her career on the social networking platform Vine. Twitter, the American microblogging site that owns vine made major changes and discontinued direct use of vine app via mobile phone from January 2017.

Late Career:

Gabbie Hanna started her social network career from ‘The Gabbie Show’. She recalls how her obnoxious behaviour was tagged as ‘The Gabbie Show’ in her young years. She later went on to record herself in the mirror and the show was born.

After she met Jessie Smiles she started working together for Vine, Smiler taught her to how to use the Vine. Hanna was highly influenced by Bo Burnham after he posted his comedy videos on his Twitter account. Hanna has collaborated with several stars like Alex James, David Dobrik and Jessie Smiles.

After her successful career in Vine, she opened her YouTube channel ‘’The Gabbie Show. In this YouTube channel she anecdotes her personal life and events in a hilarious manner.

 Hanna has worked with Shane DawsonCollen Ballinger, Liza Koshy and others. She has a huge fan following of about 4 million subscribers on Vine and YouTube.

Personal Life:

Being a superstar in social media, she has managed to keep her personal life low. Hanna’s sexual orientation is straight and her current relationship is single.

She talks about breakups, being dumped, her crushes and even Tinder dates in her videos. However, currently she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Or we’d definitely know about it given how vocal she is about her life.

Gabbie Hanna currently lives in New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States. Hanna has been featured in several awards function and she has also been nominated for Teen Choice Awards and Shorty Awards.

Net Worth, Salary and Body measurements:

Gabbie Hanna has a net worth of $ 300,000. Hanna’s confident, outspoken, opinionated and bubbly personality is what attracts viewers.

Social Network Involvement:

Being a social media star she has more than 4 million followers on her channel in Vine and YouTube. Hanna is also active on Twitter and Instagram with numerous followers.



by Bchrome, 06 Mar, 2017

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