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Fred Weller was born with his birth name as Fredrick “Fred” Weller who is working as an American actor as well as stage and film presenter. Fred was born in April 1970 and Fred is currently running 45 years old in his age. Fred place of origin is New Orleans, Louisiana of United States and the active year of Fred started from the year 1991 till today’s time. Fred father and mother both are lawyers whose names are Francis Weller and Carole. Though he was belonging from legal background he was never interested in studying law. Fred is the eldest out of 3 children of his parents and he was belonging from the wealthy family background.

Fred completed his graduation education in the year 1988 and his education of graduation was obtained from Jesuit High School. It was a Catholic Boys High School from where he obtained his graduation level of education and he again joined University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill this was the story in the year 1992 and he also pursed his education on acting within The Juilliard School. During the very time he also became a part of Drama Division’s Group 21 which was during the time of 1992 till the year 1994. Fred also worked as a major performer within TV series named Missing Person which was during the year 1994 along with this his guest presence in Law and Order is also dictated as a challenging performance that is done by him.

Fred is a married man and he is very dedicated in his relationship as being into a married life with his affair who is also a successful actress. The name of his spouse whom he had an affair is Ali Marsh and before September 6, 2003 they were living as girlfriend and boyfriend. Fred and Ali are now the parents of the children and busy in taking good care and development of their baby.  Fred cousin is also the successful actor whose name is Peter Weller. Fred claims Ali was a romantic girlfriend but now she has turned as a boring spouse. But he has not failed in his married life and he very understands in his nature. Fred loves spending time with his family and his bio claims that there is no any bad past story in his life as such. His career is more focused than his personal bio in the popular sites like Wikipedia and IMBD. 

Fred height is 6 feet 2 inches in tall and his weight, body measurement and shoes size is missing information of Fred. The latest information of his salary and net worth is estimated to be of around 275 million American dollars in the current time which has been declared herself as a richest celebrity of the town in the current time.

by Bchrome, 01 Mar, 2016

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