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Francesca Eastwood was born with her birth name as Francesca Ruth Eastwood who was born in August 7, 1993. This 22 years old lady was born in Redding, California and by profession mostly she is highlighted as television personality. Along with this from the year 1995 within the present state of time she is along working as a model and actress with proper fame in the media. Mostly, Eastwood is recognized from her exclusive performance within Mrs. Eastwood and Company which is also counted as the best performance undertaken by her. Eastwood mother herself is an actress whose name is Frances Fisher and the name of her father is Clint Eastwood who is also actor by his professional fame. Being father and mother from same professional background it was not much hard for him to get established within the industry.

Francesca joined to Stevenson school for her early time education and her schooling was completed from Pebble Beach of California. Eastwood was very talented lady who was multi personality in her nature therefore, she was totally active in singing, dancing and writing poems in her school days. In the early time she was with her mentality to study nurse but as her parents were both successful in acting therefore she also joined the hands of her family members. She got her first break in the television from Mrs. Eastwood and Company which was a good response with her acting in the very series. The very first premier of the show was occurred within May 20, 2012 later with her noticing towards the acting styles she got much offered towards the television for the further acting.

Eastwood was previously married with her love whose name is Jordan Feldstein which was official in the year 2013 but it was annulled in the very year. By the current time she is staying with her boyfriend Tyler Shields and it is since 2012 after their married life did not worked properly. She was married within private event within Las Vegas Nevada but after 1 week of them getting married it went into annulment that made her to move on her life. Currently she is happy with her boyfriend and she is also taking good care of her mom. Having a happy family she is equally taking a good time towards her work in movies as well. She thinks it’s her age to be heroes and target her career for the successful performances rather than getting disturbed like her past married life.

Eastwood is 5 feet 5 inches tall in her height and her nickname is Frannie. Eastwood is also amazing with her salary at the same time her net worth is estimated exactly around 5 million American dollars. She is also elaborating her activities towards social trust in near future in life.

by Bchrome, 04 Apr, 2016

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