FOX channel's commentator Greta Van Susteren's salary & net worth is gradually rising

News by Clarence Published on 28 Oct,2016 Updated on 05 Feb,2017

Greta Van Susteren, an American journalist, and lawyer who is a former commentator and news host of Fox news channel. Greta is famous for her interview show On the Record with Greta.If you are here to find out her net worth and salary then you can end your research here. She defines a successful career as a news host and political commentator.

Greta Van's Net Worth and Salary

One of the best ways to collect a good amount of money is through hard work or you need to be a public figure, sportsman or famous person. Organizations are paying a big amount of money for their representation for bringing further fans, Greta is the same category of people that we are talking about. 

Greta is earning handsome salary amount around $900K annually. The salary amount has increased her net worth, which estimated to around  $35 million including bonus and incentives in 2016. Greta's high amount os salary and net worth are credited to her outstanding contribution to the TV network.

Greta Van's Journalism Career

Greta spent one decade in the CNN news before joining Fox. Where she debuted as a legal analyst during g the coverage of O. J. Simpson murder trial. Then after, she co-hosted the Pint and Burden Proof. She appeared as a guest celebrity on the Cartoon network in the year 1998, its original show Space Ghost Coast to Coast. 

Greta left CNN and joined Fox in 2002, hosted the show prime time news show called On the Record With Greta. This program had helped to gain fame in the media, which was telecasted on & pm eastern time. She took interview of famous political leaders like President Bill Clinton, President Obama, Hilary Clinton and Robert Gates. In last may, Donald Trump, a candidate of presidential Election 2016, went in her interview show.

Greta hosted her interview show for  nearly two decades, she ended her long journey with Fox on this September. She confirmed news of leaving Fox through social media. She revealed the reason for leaving Fox News is that she was not feeling friendly environment at Fox for few years. So,she decides to leave Fox News. Recently, Greta has awarded as Honest and Fairness in Journalism Award by Israel-American Council.

Greta owns a house at 179, Duke, Gloucester St. in Annapolis built in 1776. A Georgian interior design with attractive rooms( 3 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, and 2 powder rooms) and wide hall. We could not find about her car, we can guess that she has a luxurious car for a ride.

Greta is a married woman, who married to lawyer John P Caole in 1998. The couple is very happy with each other. Greta has a child or not, she did not reveal  yet. Forbes 99th powerful women of 2015. Greta has  completed LLM from George Town University.