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Forrest Goodluck is an actor of American nationality who has been talked about and known best for the role he has played in the hit movie The Revenant. He was born on the 6th of August, 1998 and at the mere age of 17; he has managed to become hugely popular amongst Hollywood fans for having starred opposite Leonardo Di Caprio in his very first Oscar winning movie. Forrest was born in New Mexico and has been talked about his major breakout role on Hollywood as The Hawk.

Goodluck was born in Albuquerque in New Mexico. However, he is a Native American. The 17 year old personality has the heritage of a Navajo, Hidasta, Mandan and Tsimshian owing to his extremely handsome looks. He started off his career with the greatest role he could wish for, against the best actor in Hollywood. He auditioned for the role of The Hawk, for the movie Revenant when he was just 15. He was eventually chosen for the role for the extremely good acting skills he possesses and he made it worth the while on the movie. The Revenant has been his first major role and there sure is much more to come for this extremely talented personality.

Goodluck has been talked about a lot in regards to his personal life but it seems that he is hiding a lot of details about his personal life from the general public. Forrest has been into the highlights after he started off his work in the acting fraternity. He is just 17 and has never been married so there is no question of a divorce or a split. He has also not been known to be involved in an affair with any personality in the acting fraternity and he seems to be pretty much single now. He might have a girlfriend outside the acting sector but he seems to be extremely secretive about his actions related to his personal life. He has never been known to be a gay or a bisexual. With the advent of success, closing in on him, it sure can be hoped that this extremely talented personality will surely continue to become well known, also in regard to his hidden personal life in the years to come. 

Though he has been rumored to have had relationships with several beauties, none of it has been found to be true.

Goodluck has managed to acc u mulate the net worth of a whopping 700 thousand dollars for his endeavors and he has certainly earned a reportedly huge salary. He seems to be extremely well known amongst his fans just after the duration of one movie. He has earned a huge amount of money from just one movie and he will surely continue to earn more in the year to come. This movie role has made him extremely popular amongst his fans and it sure seems that the extremely talented personality will have more jobs in the near future due to the success he has attained in his very first role. He is also active on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook as well as Instagram and he will surely managed to garner the attention of a huge number of fans in the years to come.

by Pradeep, 16 Jun, 2016

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