Find out what happened with Commentator Tomi Lahren on Trevor Noah's 'The Daily Show'?

The online video host and now a famous facebook news video commentator, Tomi Lahren was recently called in for a discussion on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. There was a lot regarding racism and patriotism, two things Tomi discusses a lot in her videos. 

Did Trevor discuss Tomi, on his show, prior to the recent interview?

The daily show host Trevor Noah who took to hosting the show after Jon Stewart retired, is an African American author and a comedian. He discusses politics and social issues with a humorous style on his show. 

Back in September of  2016, he talked about the new Facebook video news sensation Tomi Lahren, calling her out on her racist outbursts. Trevor brought Tomi Lahren on The daily show for a discussion. This fiery discussion has since made major headlines.

Tomi Lahren's rise to fame: 

.Tomi Lahren is an online video host, she has hosted American Television shows as well. She rose to fame in 2016 with her video monologs on her show 'TheBlaze' on Facebook, especially from the segment 'final thoughts'.  Her views and thoughts have been criticized as racist, she blatantly denies those claims. Her most viewed video is one where she takes on Colin Kaepernic, the quarterback player from San Franciso 49ers. The video has over 66 million views. She also has been highly critical of the Black Lives Matter movement.

What were the topics of discussion?

 The whole discussion revolved around topics like racism, patriotism, Tomi herself and the 2016 US president-elect Donald Trump.


When asked about her outbursts regarding Colin Kaepernick who decided to silently protest by kneeling in a corner when the national anthem was being played before the games to protest the police brutality on black people in America, Tomi explained herself saying she believes in his first amendment rights to hold a protest and she believes in hers to criticize him for that because she thinks he's not going about it the right way.

When Tomi Lahren didn't have an answer

When Trevor asked '' What is the right way for a black man in Amerca to have his voice heard?'', she beat around the bush not actually answering the question.

When Trevor asked ''Do you believe Donald Trump will follow through on his promises'?'' and her saying '' I will be a vocal opponent if he doesn't''. The show ended with a tasteless remark by Tomi Lahren on Hillary Clinton, when a joke about how Donal trump actually touched people and not just touched people's feelings, Tomi remarked: ''Hillary could use that every now and then, right? Bill is a little busy, Bill is a little busy''.


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